Are You a “Yes” Mom?

I’m really not. There, I said it.

But this is something I’ve been thinking about lately…and then I read this post on Jill Savage’s blog, and I knew that I had to take the challenge. (Please read her post – she’s not talking about permissive parenting, but about being less selfish and more OK with your house getting messed up in the name of fun with your kids.)

Are you up for it? Will you be a “yes” mom with me, at least for the month of July? I’m going to try to keep track of a few things I end up saying “yes” to that normally would have been a big, fat “no”. I’ll get back to you with those later in the month.

Yes Mom 1

Leave me a comment if you’ll do this with me!

10 responses to “Are You a “Yes” Mom?

  1. This is just what I needed! I’m not a mom yet, BUT I am taking care of two boys for the month of July (what a wonderful coincidence!) and I want to get out there and do tons of fun stuff with them. I actually started watching them yesterday and so far we’ve only done the standard park routine, but I’ve got a ton of messy ideas. Of course I’ll clean up before their mom gets home every day so that their mom doesn’t hate me! I’ll also update my blog as we complete projects I normally wouldn’t do. Thanks for the push I needed!

  2. This challenge doesn’t apply to me, but I remember reading something like this when our kids were little (Dobson, I think). He said to say “yes” as much as possible to things that don’t compromise any important principles; save “no” for things that really require “no.” Obviously, sometimes it’s just not practical to say “yes,” but when you can, do! This is one of the few things I think I did fairly well when our kids were little.

  3. I am fully aware of this and try hard EVERY day to ask myself first WHY I would be saying “no.” Lately, I have found a happy compromise where I say yes, but make clear what they will be responsible for cleaning up. It works.

  4. Oh mercy. this would be really hard for me. Especially when it comes to messes. Its well known around here that my house is the “clean house”. After all, I just allowed play dough in last year! But, I’m willing to try. Messy things are hard for me, but I’m getting better at it!

  5. I think i am already a yes mom (to most things – except blowing bubbles in the house – that bugs me for some reason) – i think working full time makes me a little more like that just because i want to cherish the time I do get to hang with the girls in the evenings and weekends. But now this month -maybe…. i don’t know…. maybe… i will let Ab blow the bubbles in the house – IF SHE ASKS – but i ain’t bringing it up first! 😉

  6. I’m in! This is a fantastic idea! I actually said yes this morning to something I normally HATE to do and it wasn’t even something fun. For some reason I absolutely can’t stand cutting the tags out of shirts. I don’t like having to guess later what size it is. And, of course, tags drive Andrew nuts! So, I said yes today and cut tags out of two new shirts.

    I’m totally doing the bubbles in the bathtub thing this month also….maybe even today. Great idea!

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