I’ll Do It Myself, Thank You!

This is pretty much what it’s like every day trying to get Jack Henry dressed…he insists on doing it himself, and then, as you’ll see at the end of the second video, he gets distracted by something and just walks away from the process.

In other Jack Henry news, we are currently in the “don’t-you-dare-try-to-buckle-me-into-my-carseat” stage (lovely) and the “do-not-give-me-a-snack-I-will-get-it-myself” stage (also wonderful). While I do really, really love to see typical toddler behavior developing in the absence of any meaningful language (gives me assurance that everything’s OK!), this is just plain frustrating.

9 responses to “I’ll Do It Myself, Thank You!

  1. i love how he hears the truck and getting himself dressed is forgotten.
    luke is currently in the after-you-give-me-what-i-want,-i-scream-for-option-#-2. fun, fun, fun.

  2. i can’t believe that he is almost 2!! it’s gone too fast.

  3. Oh, Nicole! You must have the patience of Job.

  4. Jan stole my exact comment!!!

    I can’t believe how stubbornly he rejects any helpful tug from you–even to the point of pulling his shirt back off! After seeing how determined he is, I also can’t believe he let me dress him last Sat after he was done swimming! The car seat routine would make me crazy because 1) it’s usually hot, 2) you’re in a hurry, & 3) he can’t really do it himself. Ugh.

    LOVE the truck distraction!

  5. Jill (thebaglady)

    We’re in the midst of the car seat thing too… as well as opening the automatic van doors. If someone else opens them, Blake shuts it so he can do it himself… very time consuming & frustrating (& dangerous if he sticks his little fingers in there!)

    Before we know it, we’ll be dropping them at college wishing we were instead dealing with these things.

  6. My kids couldn’t stop laughing at these videos! I’m with Nana Jo – you have TONS of patience especially when he was pulling his shirt back off!

  7. Loving the part where he hears the truck and the look on his face. Too cute!

  8. I’m sorry. I’m cracking up. I know it’s frustrating, but when you watch it for sheer entertainment, it’s hilarious!

  9. i still absolutely love his “uh-huh!!!” to questions! i would crack myself up all day long asking him questions like “do you love beets?”

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