Dear Man at Church,

We don’t know each other, but you sat down the pew from me today. And during the sermon, you clicked your pen over, and over, and over again, almost to the point of me needing to move and sit somewhere else. I’m sure you’re a nice guy, but next time, please bring a pen that doesn’t make noise.

Thanks so much!

7 responses to “Dear Man at Church,

  1. hahaha That would drive me insane!

  2. Ohhh . . . would have driven me nuts to the point that I wouldn’t have been able to hear anything in the room BUT that pen!

  3. Great Aunt Carol

    Why???? why was he clicking a pen during Mass???

    I would have given a few loud throat clearing messages!!

    I am like your Grandpa Jim……….He would go bonkers listening to the kids crunching potato chips or chewing loudly. I can’t stand that either. I have a friend who talks with her mouth full and open. I love her dearly and want to tell her sooooo bad, but never will!!!

    Have you ever been sitting in a booth at a restaurant and the person behind you is constantly moving around and pushing back on the booth……………..drives me nuts!!!!

    I, in my old age, should be more tolerant….yeah right!

  4. I agree the pen clicker has got to go!
    Ahem – see above to see where i get it from!

  5. I agree. That’s one of the most annoying noises ever!

  6. My letter would be addressed to the 75 year old man who has befriended a young man who sits in my section. Happy the dude found a friend, but 75 year old man cannot hear and is therefore incapable of *whispering* and is only capable of YELLING. . . I love my quiet time before Mass, and this guy gets on my last nerve. I do not want to move out of my normal section. . . but I’m going to have to do that, or I’m going to have to shush him. 😐

    The pen would drive me equally (if not more) batty.

    I’m a terrible ignorer.

  7. I’ve sat by him before! Drives me batty.

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