Birthday Recap

Yesterday, I turned 22 32. Time flies when you’re having fun, right?

We had a great 4th of July evening with the Swinigans…click over to her blog for some cute pictures! Jack Henry very reluctantly got his picture taken with our family, but when the Swinigans sat down to get their picture taken, he hopped right up to join them. Also – Luke asked me if he and Norah could be alone (code for “please keep Bennett and Lucy away from us”). We should have said yes now, because the next time he asks, they could be teenagers and the answer will most definitely be “no!”

pictures like these *almost* make me sad that he won't be a big brother again.

pictures like these *almost* make me sad that he won't be a big brother again.

he's so good with babies!

he's so good with babies!

we don't get a whole family picture that often!

we don't get a whole family picture that often!

On Sunday, my boys gave me a breakfast birthday treat from Krispy Kreme, complete with a candle and singing.

me bday 2009

Luke gave me one of my presents last week, but I haven’t shared it yet:

he made this at summer school in his "fit kid" class.

he made this at summer school in his "fit kid" class.

We went to church, and after lunch and putting Jack Henry down for a nap, I went out and did some shopping. I’ve bought myself two new pairs of shoes this week, and they couldn’t be more different from each other but I love them both! I got this pair at Target, and I feel like I stole these Privos – I got them for $25 at TJMaxx! I think they’ll be so comfortable this winter. Oh crap. I am getting old. I just bought a pair of shoes for comfort. I’m just going to pretend that the Target pair completely cancels out that last thought.

Matt and I got to go out for dinner last night, as Zach and Michon watched the kids for us. We sat on the patio at Bravo and had a great meal…I can now say that I highly recommend the Insalata della Casa (seriously. amazing.) and the Chicken Parmagiana Milanese. Since a 2000 calorie dinner wasn’t enough, we finished off the night with dessert at Oberweis. Yum.

This afternoon I used one of my birthday gifts (that I requested, not that Matt just bought for me, because that would be bad): My Fitness Coach. I’m excited to do more with it, but today I did a 15 minute cardio (which Luke and Bennett did with me – that probably won’t happen again unless our living room magically grows to twice the size it is overnight) and a 15 minute yoga session, mainly because I just wanted to see what each was like. I think I’m going to like this game!

Next, I’m going to scrub my floor…seriously, someone should call the authorities if I don’t. I’m generally OK with the 3 (or 5 or 10) second rule, but right now, heck no – if anything touches the floor it needs to be burned. That should be some good exercise, too.

(Detailed pictures of how to assemble grilled meatloaf are up on Three More Bites, too, if you’re interested!)

13 responses to “Birthday Recap

  1. Happy Birthday (belated) – sounds like a good day!!

  2. Happy Birthday!
    Could you please refrain from dressing your family in the Cardinals attire? It’s very distracting to the non-Cardinal fans in your readership audience.

    • Ha! Sure, I’ll try harder, Bob. But rare is the day that someone in this house isn’t wearing Cardinals or Illini gear. And, Matt dressed himself on the 4th of July! πŸ™‚ But I’m certain that his dad agrees with your opinion.

  3. Happy belated birthday, sounds like it was great! I like your gift from Luke too, that is too cute πŸ™‚

  4. I was hoping you’d have a b.d. re-cap! Sounds like a full & fun day, esp the luscious-sounding dinner–and dessert. The Target shoes are so cute, and yes, they make up for the comfy ones although they look good too.

    Love the potholder from Luke–the best kind of gift. Also think the family pic is really good. I’m going over to Heather’s blog to check out her pics.

  5. Happy (belated) Birthday! Glad you had a great time!!

  6. Hey, Happy Birthday! I didn’t know we were almost birthday buddies:) Sounds like you had a great one!!

    I do hope you, like me, pretend that all of the fireworks are to celebrate your birthday?

  7. Sorry, I had that last part phrased like a question originally and apparently forgot to change my punctuation. It is quite silly how annoyed I get at those things. Anyway…

  8. happy birthday (again)!
    i’m glad you got my fitness coach – i knew you’d like it.

  9. Sounds like a great birthday! Love the comment about buying shoes for comfort…as long as you’re not buying SAS shoes, you’re probably okay!

  10. Happy belated Birthday!! Welcome to 32! Its fun here!
    Love your new shoes!! Very nice!
    side note…Where did Luke go to Summer School?

  11. Happy belated birthday Nicole! I’m glad you had a great day!

  12. Happy birthday! And I’d take birthday donuts over birthday cake ANY DAY!

    Thanks for the meatloaf pictures. πŸ™‚

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