This Calls for a Celebration!

Last night at dinner, I put a tiny serving of corn* on Jack Henry’s plate, because I always give him a tiny serving of whatever vegetable* we’re having that night.  Every night, he ignores it or plays with it (he used to gobble up every vegetable* I put on his tray, and then, like many toddlers, decided one night that he wasn’t going to eat anything he didn’t want to).

When the meal was almost over, Luke asked me, “Mom, did you take Jack’s corn* off his plate?  Because it’s gone.”  I rushed over to his high chair and looked at his plate, and checked in his seat, and by gosh, it WAS gone!  Luke quick checked the pocket of Jack Henry’s bib for good measure, and it wasn’t in there, either.  So he must have eaten it!  We had a big impromptu celebration, complete with lots of clapping, which he loved and joined in with, and lots of “good job, Jack Henry” ‘s thrown in there, too.  He was beaming.

And he finally got to have some dessert with the other boys…he usually has to sit there and watch them eat a little treat after dinner without having any because he’s not tried everything on his plate.  (Side note: times have changed around here…I wouldn’t have dreamed of letting Luke have dessert at this age, but since Jack Henry is learning so much from his big brothers, it seemed appropriate.  Besides, HE ATE A VEGETABLE*.)

*All right, all you purists out there…I know corn is a starch and not a vegetable.  But in this house, it’s still included in the vegetable group because it’s one that gets eaten without complaint from the two older boys.  And, there’s fiber and trace amounts of vitamins and minerals in it, so that makes it a vegetable to me.

10 responses to “This Calls for a Celebration!

  1. What was all that side note stuff – corn is grown in a garden therefore it equals a vegtable – same with french fries (potatoes)………. welcome to my world – you are welcome in anytime!! 😉

  2. I agree w/ Sara T. on the corn thing. Plus, it’s not a fruit, meat, bread, or dairy–so it HAS to be a veggie!!

    YAY for Jack Henry! Bet he thought he was big stuff w/ all the hullabaloo!

  3. Hooray for Jack Henry!

    (Good thing you don’t have a dog or you’d never know for sure where that corn went.)

  4. Oooh, I like Nana Jo’s reasoning! That means that chocolate and coffee are both veggies, too! I’m suddenly the healthiest eater I know 🙂
    Times change around here with consecutive kids, too – when the babies try so hard to keep up with the big boys, it’s no fair not to include them in on some of the fun, too! Good job Jack Henry!!

  5. i know, luke has had more desserts than kenny ever did.
    and i agree with the others, corn is definitely a veggie:)

  6. Here, here to corn.

  7. Corn is definitely a veggie in my book….that’s about the only one Kayla will eat and Andrew won’t eat any. Kenzie is in the stage of eating them all but given our track record I’m sure eventually it’ll just be corn for her too!

  8. Mitchell had his 8 yr check up yesterday and the doc said corn and potatoes count in his book!

  9. Uh…just checked with the American Dietetic Association and corn is still in the veggie section – so go JH!

  10. Leave it to Karen to confirm the facts before commenting! 🙂 (love ya, Kare!) It’s great that he looks up to his big bros and wants to do what they do – especially when it comes to eating veggies!! I hope all is well with you and yours and that you had the very greatest birthday. 🙂

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