So Creative

Luke is my creative kid…he is always coming up with a plan to make something out of paper that you wouldn’t think is possible (like clothes for a stuffed animal), making signs for things (arrows to point Santa from the fireplace to the Christmas tree), and setting up toys/furniture to make a hideout or tent. Honestly, it can be exhausting to meet the materials requests some days, but it’s definitely one of the things I love most about him.

Last weekend, he created a new “leash” system for his stuffed dog, Pup, which he’s had since he was about 1 (and my mom bought it for him; I think that’s part of the reason he’s still pretty attached). Over the last couple of years, we’ve had yarn leashes for various stuffed animals in our house, but they don’t last long and I don’t like having a long string of yarn hanging out in the playroom. He came up with a plan to use something we already have: lanyards. We have a bunch of them from the boys being in the Cardinals kids crew every year. Luke put a beaded bracelet (the kind they make at school on a pipe cleaner) around Pup’s neck for a collar, and then hooked the lanyard onto that. It’s perfect! For Bennett’s dog, Spot, they’ve also used a watch around the dog’s neck to attach the lanyard.

isn't that cute?

isn\’t that cute?

Apologies to Bob, who asked for less Cardinals gear in the family pictures…I swear this wasn’t on purpose. And yes, even the stuffed dog has on a Cardinals shirt. 🙂

8 responses to “So Creative

  1. absolutely adorable! And, I’m SO using this idea, thanks Luke! Andrew always wants to get my curling ribbon out for wrapping gifts to use as a leash……this is a much better idea.

  2. I just love how Luke has always done cute things like this! He looks so proud! It’s neat to see kids thinking, using their imagination, and making their own fun!

  3. I’m pretty well convinced that all of your son’s IQ will be higher than mine by the time they are 10 years old. He’s a thinker…..

  4. That is cute. And the cool thing is that he looks young in that picture! It’s nice to feel like they AREN’T growing up too fast sometimes!

  5. You are a good mom to find ways for him to express his creativity (even if it gets exhausting).

  6. I already noticed the Cardinal attire before I got to your near-apology at the end.

    Many media outlets will blur team logos and names when they appear on the front of shirts, etc. (Okay it’s mainly the cop reality shows that do this. Nevertheless, it’s possible). Just a suggested “improvement” for your exceptional blog.

    While I appreciate the consideration to your non-Cardinal blog readers, I think we’ll let this weekends Cub/Cardinal series do the talking……….or maybe not.

  7. I love that exact smile on Luke’s face! He’s so proud!

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