Bennett’s new movie obsession is “Bolt,” which he’d seen at the theater, and then got from my dad for his birthday and watched a couple of times. In the last 2 weeks, though, he’s decided that this movie is hilarious and he wants to see it all the time.

The hamster in the movie, Rhino, is really entertaining, and Bennett started imitating him. Here’s a clip from the movie (horrible quality, but it’s all I can find) – double click on it to watch on YouTube, and to make it brief, skip ahead to 2:10 and watch until about 2:30.

And here’s Bennett’s version.

11 responses to “Rhino

  1. LOL I love that movie and Rhino is my favortie too!!

  2. I mean favorite… I hate when I do that!

  3. cute. we haven’t seen that movie yet. we’ll have to soon.

  4. I can’t completely understand the dialog, but . . . who cares–Bennett is cute!!

    • Rhino, the hamster, spends most of the movie inside a hamster ball. So the little conversation is:
      Bolt: You got out of your ball!
      Rhino: Yes I did…(and then some indiscernible sound like mi-younk!).

      Bennett was saying this “Yes I did” thing over and over, and I finally found the part he was talking about and cracked up at how similar it was to the movie!


    Ring ring… Who’s calling?


    I’ve been expecting your call.

  6. P.S. Even Squirt walks around saying “Yoink” whenever someone says, “Yes I did!”

  7. i can’t get the first clip to work but nonetheless, bennett is way cute in his video…and i love the shirt!

  8. Um, can I give Bennett a hug right now? He looks so cute in that video!

  9. Funny – Paige thought it was a little scary. See? That’s why we don’t watch Wizard of Oz! 😦

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