Attention Cardinals Fans

I have a question for you: Are you diggin’ the mustaches? (Post-Dispatch story here)

I have to admit, at first, I thought, “this is horrible…they all look like 70’s p*rn-star wannabes”…and then I realized that this isn’t just stopping with the pitchers…

But now, it’s cracking me up. I mean, I can’t wait for Skip Schumacher and Joel Pineiro to return to their normal scruffy-faced look (I LOVE a 5 o’clock shadow). And for those who really can’t grow a ‘stache to just shave them off already. But, it looks like they’re having fun – how can you not laugh at a ridiculous mustache? And hopefully having fun = winning games. I’ll really laugh if Pujols shaves his goatee into a mustache.

I’m just glad I’m not married to one of them…

5 responses to “Attention Cardinals Fans

  1. some of the guys at the station did this earlier in the year as a bet to see who could go the longest w/ a mustache. some of the wives protested and vowed that the guys would be lonely until they were shaved:)

  2. Oh Nicole – although I was not a BIG LEAGUE wife, I did experience this while Jordan was playing baseball in the Cards organization. It is funny and I think it’s great when they do “silly” things like this as a team but with that being said, all of the wives HATED it! As you described it perfectly, they totally looked like porn ‘staches!! The goatees I can live with but not the dreaded ‘staches!! If only I had pictures…

  3. i managed to catch the game today and about DIED when i saw skip. i am not a big fan of facial hair at all but if it keeps them winning by all means grow a pornstache!

  4. I’m definitely diggin them…..Pinero looks hilarious!

  5. I’m not a Cardinals fan, but my boyfriend is… so I’ve become a little ‘attached” to some of the players. I like the idea of team unity and all, but I want my old Skip back 🙂

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