Color Blind

I don’t mean that literally; I mean that I think Luke potentially doesn’t see skin color. I know that lots of kids are beautifully made that way, but I’m starting to think that Luke has an extreme case of it.

Early in the school year, they did a unit in school about about skin color and how people are alike and different. Then, they did an activity where they chose from a group of different skin-tone paint colors and make a self portrait on a paper plate. My friend Mara (and Luke’s friend Jackson’s mom) was there the day they did the project, and she was working with Luke and tried to help him find a paint that was maybe a better fit, but this is what he chose (don’t mind the glasses…no one is quite sure why he gave himself a pair):

luke self portrait

It’s hard to tell in this picture without the other kids’ displayed next to his, but he seriously made himself as dark or darker than the Indian girl and Guatemalan boy in his class. And he’s in the top three palest kids ever in his class.

It continued in May, when I got my Mother’s Day artwork (he still gave me brown hair because this was before summer highlighting had commenced):

luke mother's day painting

I was easily the darkest “mom” painting of them all. Isn’t this funny?

7 responses to “Color Blind

  1. How funny! The one of you–with that dark hair, skin, & eyes–you could be the mom of virtually any race child EXCEPT Caucasian! And the glasses on his face . . .?

  2. i personally like the mini skirt that you are sporting in the picture. apparently you dress different at home than you do when i see you out & about 🙂

  3. maybe he was just giving you a nice summer tan?

  4. Im going for the summer tan idea! I wish I could be as good as you when posting! Maybe one of these days I will be better! Hope all is well. take Care. Congrats on the race! So PROUD! I need to participate in one soon again!

  5. Lyndsey is very particular about skin color when doing any artwork. We always have to be “peach.”

  6. Sharon Aldridge

    Good for Luke! May he always be that way. There are way too many people of all colors who are not able to yet live up to the “dream” that MLK expressed over 46 yrs. ago that ” I have a dream that my four children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” What a day that would truly be! Sam

  7. Jill (thebaglady)

    This is good! The pic of you looks more like Pocahontas (skin) meets David Gets in Trouble (nose & mouth). My kids all insist on ‘peach’…no other color will do.

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