Applesauce Day!

Today is “applesauce day,” as I affectionately call it, where my friend Heather and I take about a bazillion apples (technically speaking, 4 bushels) and make applesauce to last throughout the year.

The process is described in last year’s post, We’re Either Crazy or Stupid which was fun for me to reread and see pictures from last year (check out sweet Jack Henry from one year ago!!!). Changes this year are that there are now 6 kids 6 years old and under. Good times. We have added a kid to the bunch every year for six years, but for real, this is it…hopefully in the next few years we can count on them to help a bit more instead of just eat what we make.

It’s a lot of effort, but totally worth the trouble if you ask us.

5 responses to “Applesauce Day!

  1. I got a charge out of going back to read last year’s episode! Now with little Daphne–and JH way more mobile!–you guys will have a big day!!

    Great memory-making–and “real” applesauce–YUM!!!

  2. You guys make the best applesauce I have ever had! I love that stuff!!

  3. ohhh how i love homemade applesause! where so you get your apples from?

  4. Must try this applesauce! Do you usually do it this early in the season?

  5. Hi! I know I’m a ways back in your posts, but they don’t sell applesauce over here, rather they sell literal apple SAUCE for meat and well, that won’t work. I’ve made some before but I don’t really want to jar/can it. How did you freeze it? I don’t have much storage room in the freezer and unfortunately we don’t have a deep freeze so I can’t do giant batches, but the kids still love applesauce and homemade is the best! Let me know if you have any secrets to making it..if you don’t mind sharing! =)

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