Well, This Isn’t Good.

Just saw this article about certain boys’ names and their likelihood of ending up a criminal.

Check out paragraph three:

In alphabetical order, the Top 10 “bad boy” names, according to Kalist, are Alec, Ernest, Garland, Ivan, Kareem, Luke, Malcolm, Preston, Tyrell and Walter.

What?!?!? He’s practically doomed to a life of crime. 🙂

14 responses to “Well, This Isn’t Good.

  1. Who does these studies? Are these kinds of statistics useful? Do these people just not have enough to do?

    I’m stunned that Luke made it to that list.

  2. I saw that too . . . I wonder what it means if your LAST name is Luke.

  3. I saw this on the today show and kind of laughed. Seriously? I also thought of my cousin who named her son Alec which was #1 on the list…..

    I think the people that made this list need more to do….

  4. I taught taught hundreds of kids during my 12-year tenure as a teacher. It was common that certain names almost always spelled trouble. The biggest offender? CHRIS. I don’t know what it is about that name, but boys named CHRIS were always full of mischief. Weird, huh?

  5. This is weird. I would never think of the name “Luke” as being “unpopular” or “offbeat” or anything other than mainstream! Definitely not in a category w/ some of the other names in the article!

    Obviously, we’ll have to watch your firstborn closely for signs of deviant, criminal behavior . . .

  6. And P.S.–for crying out loud, his daddy & he both have disciple names AND his middle name is also a Bible figure–so there!!

    I think Nana Jo is over-reacting to the article.

  7. hahaha this is too funny for two reasons:

    luke and walter are the only names in that list i have ever heard of (other than celebrities and they don’t count).

    luke is an extremely religious name.

    I think you’ll be ok!

  8. uh oh.
    that means i’m in trouble too.

  9. Jill (thebaglady)

    What if my child’s full name is Lucas?

    Garland?? There is even a GROUP of men with this name?

  10. Um, I think Luke Skywalker redeems the name…oh yeah, and that it is a name from the Bible

    • I was going to say that about Luke Skywalker, too. Keep him focused on saving the galaxy instead of joining the Dark Side.
      Glad we didn’t name Noah “Walter” 🙂

  11. With names like Tyrell & Malcolm on the list, you are in trouble! Maybe you did give the correct child the middle name Jacob after all……

  12. Yeah – I can just see it now. Luke’s going to KILL with his smile. He’s danger, that boy…

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