Is It Just Me?

Or is anyone else finding that they don’t cook much in the summer? Really, that’s code for “I never feel like preparing a meal.” Is this normal?

It’s not that we’re really eating out more often (as my grocery bill will attest…sheesh), but we’re eating more sandwiches and easy stuff like that for dinner (not even more prepackaged meals, either). Of course, we grill more often, too, which is a nice break from the everyday kitchen prep, but still…it just feels like I’m less motivated to have a plan.

Anyone else?

9 responses to “Is It Just Me?

  1. definitely less. we grill out a ton and have a lot of picnics. plus, when it’s hot out, a big dinner just doesn’t sound good.

  2. I don’t know how many people have participated in your poll, but I think you have a unanimous concensus! Say THAT three times fast. Yeesh. (If you say it three times fast with a whole bunch of spit in your mouth, it’s WAY funnier). 🙂

  3. I chose the “more in the summer” but mine is different this year than other years.

    Jessica is home from college for the summer. Food at the university is not healthy fare. In fact it is frequently just plain gross. My goal since she got home has been to make sure that she has healthy, tasty meals. That means choosing, planning and cooking a lot more meals than I would usually do during the school year.

    The upside to that is that I have more time during the summer since most of our extra-curricular activities follow the school calendar.

  4. I detest cooking – (wait the cooking doesn’t bother me – the deciding what to have does) year around – but especially in the summer time when the weather is nice and outside chores/activites are calling our names.

  5. Uhh, no comment.

  6. throw a kitchen remodel in the mix and I’m at a pretty sad level of home “cooked” meals.
    what’s for dinner mom? uh… how does meat and cheese and crackers sound?… again!!!

  7. Jill (thebaglady)

    Where’s option D: Never really cook at all? Ha!

    I don’t “cook” as much in the summer – we hate turning the hot oven on when it’s already hot out. We do lots of big salads in the summer too.

  8. I probably cook about as much – but I’m not as happy about it. Today I literally thought – Jeez, I have to plan dinner…AGAIN! Like, I just did that yesterday.

  9. I cook more. Only because BBQ is easier! I love preparing things in the summer. All my fav summer meals.

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