Luke’s First Post

When Luke saw Jack Henry like this, he said, “Mom! Take a picture. You should put this on your blog.” Since it was his idea, I decided to let him type out his first little post. Enjoy!

jh ketchup face

Jack henry licked his plate.  He riley likes ketchup. I saw him frst.

Bennett wanted me to let you know that he saw him second.

(so cute…Luke went to the kitchen with a piece of paper and a pen to figure out how to spell the word ketchup!  Also, thanks to him, I now know that I can use colored fonts…yay!)

8 responses to “Luke’s First Post

  1. Luke! I’m so proud of you writing your first blog post! You did a great job, and I really like the colored sentences–and you even did the ketchup words in RED! Messy Jack Henry! He must love ketchup as much as your daddy does!

  2. Welcome to the blogging world Luke – I enjoyed your first post very much and look forward to more!

    PS – Good use of the different colored fonts – I like to do that too when I am typing!

  3. Luke! You are amazing! Your very first blog post!

    (I have to admit that Bennett’s comment made me LOL..)

    Nicole, your boys never fail to amaze and entertain. 😀

  4. Good job Luke! (You should totally help him start his own blog! How cute would that be?)

  5. Loving this and cracking up!!

  6. Jill (thebaglady)

    Great post, Luke!

  7. Great Job Luke! And Way to spot him second Bennett! 🙂

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