Top Ten, Courtesy of Luke

Sometime over the course of the last few days, Luke has come up with a ranking of his favorite restaurants.  Prompted, undoubtedly, by our excessive amount of restaurant eating while on fake vacation. Here they are, in order:

1.  Red Robin

2.  Arby’s

3. California Pizza Kitchen (yay 🙂 )

4. McDonald’s

5. Steak & Shake

6. Kolache Factory (it’s totally random to me that this made the list because he can only remember eating there once, though we’ve been more times than that. It is good, though!)

7. Cracker Barrel

8. Spaghetti Factory

9. Java Plus (another random one – it’s a place near Matt’s work that he likes and that is relatively child-friendly, which is hard to find downtown)

10.  Chevy’s [when Luke said this, Bennett said, “I know why they call it Chevy’s (except he pronounces it ‘Shovey’s’); it’s because they shove people! Ha ha ha ha ha!”]

4 responses to “Top Ten, Courtesy of Luke

  1. i like luke! i love red robin! bruschetta chicken burger yummmm.

  2. I would have to agree with #1. I love the chicken bruschetta burger as well, along with a freckled lemonade.

  3. They have Kolache Factory in STL??? I know that they had one in the Indy airport, and my parents fell in LOVE there. . . Kolaches are a TX thing. Nobody really brings donuts to work here. . . it’s all about kolaches!

    • Yep, we have one Kolache Factory here! Unfortunately it’s a good 20 minutes from our house, and not in a direction we head very often, so we don’t eat there much!

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