My facebook status this morning is:

Nicole Pals Diehl is officially not a fan of today…first day back after a brief vacation and then a long weekend with a family wedding. Laundry, misbehaving children, no food in the house…

What I WANT to do is sort through pictures. There are still about 25 from staycation (that I want to turn into a post so we don’t forget the last day), and then there’s approximately 125 from Heidi’s wedding weekend (there would have been a lot more if not for my camera battery being low…).

Instead, I’m going to do some laundry, discipline my children, and make a grocery list (and look forward to dinner out with a friend tonight!!).

In the comments, will you please let me know where you print out your pictures (I’m mainly interested in just 4×6’s)? I’ve used Winkflash for years, but I wasn’t too happy with the last few batches; it seems like the quality has declined. I don’t care if it’s an online service or somewhere that I can pick them up locally after submitting them.

14 responses to “Today.

  1. I like Sams Club

  2. i hope you guys had a great weekend!

    regarding pictures…please note that i don’t often print out large amounts of pics but when i do i use (and recommend) to me, the quality is far superior to other places. if i remember correctly they are more expensive than many but, you get what you pay for right? now you have my 2 cents. hope it helps. 🙂

  3. Jill (thebaglady)

    I’m with you! We had Luke’s last baseball game, went camping, then spent yesterday on Lake Sara. WAY too much to do today!

    I upload pix on line to walgreens or walmart & pick them up the next time I’m in the store. Easy-peasy.

    (Can’t wait to see your pictures from the weekend)

  4. Can’t wait to see all the pics you have coming!
    I use Walgreens because it is easy and i am satisfied with the quality – i have ordered their matte finish before too -which you can only have shipped to you – can’t pick those up in the store – but I personally really like the look of those.
    I also use shutterfly when they have free offers – and i have never had complaints.
    I don’t like the kiosk photos from wal mart – i think they look cheap and the paper is thin…. but just my opinion.
    good luck!

  5. I use Shutterfly and have been extremely happy with them. I usually have them mailed to me, but I *think* they have an option where you can pick them up at Target (or some other chain store).

  6. I hardly ever print out photos… someday… but I use Walgreens when I do. I like the convenience of being able to order online and then pick up or have them shipped. They also e-mail me special photo order offers; they have a new one every week it seems. For instance, if you use the code PARADISE from now through the 8th you can get 75 4×6 prints for $9.99.
    Hope your Monday is going better!

  7. our dinner is the only thing getting me through today!!

    i don’t print pics too often, but when i do i’ve always been happiest with snapfish

  8. i mainly use snapfish. shutterfly isn’t bad either but i think snapfish is a lot easier if you have a lot of pictures to crop/fix red eye/download. if you do the pre-paid print packages, the price is good too.

  9. When I have printed pics, and it isn’t often enough, I’ve used snapfish and shutterfly. I’ve been happy with both. Good Luck! Can’t wait to see pics.

  10. Walmart’s luster finish is my favorite . . . if you can bring yourself to go to Walmart.

  11. Hey Nicole! I use Shutterfly. They’ve always turned out great and I feel like I receive the pictures fairly quickly after I place my order. If you’ve never ordered from them, I believe you get your first 15 prints free. They always offer really good promotions and deals too. Once you sign up they’ll send you e-mail updates (if you want) with their promotions.

    On another note: I feel like I ended up with hardly any pictures from the wedding, so I’m excited to see what you decide to post. I had so much fun! It was great seeing you!

  12. Hey! Do you have the post-vaca blahs? It’s a bummer – so sorry! I use kodak and have them shipped to me. I’m happy with them.

    • I’m there, girl. Add post-wedding blahs to the post-vacation blahs, and it’s pretty gloomy around here. However, the children did turn it around after the early morning and had a better day!

  13. snapfish/walgreens. you can order through snapfish, and either have them mailed or pick them up at walgreens. i’ve been pretty satisified with them!

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