Heidi & Jeff’s Wedding Weekend Recap

Because it would take me a whole day to write about the story of the wedding weekend (and I’m already feeling so behind, since it’s already Tuesday afternoon), I’m going to mainly tell about it through pictures, which is more fun anyway. I’m always bummed after an event like this, though, because I start to think, “now why didn’t I take pictures of so-and-so (like my siblings, for instance)?” But, I did get some fun ones!

Everything about the day was just perfect…nothing major went wrong, and everything was so, so beautiful. The newlyweds are honeymooning in Maui as I type this!

Just click on the pictures to enlarge them.

4 responses to “Heidi & Jeff’s Wedding Weekend Recap

  1. Love the pictures!

    1. Heidi is beautiful. 🙂
    2. Congrats to Andrea!
    3. You look awesome in your dress, Nicole!

    Fun times in Effingham!

  2. Seriously, why wasn’t I invited? 🙂 I love a good dancin’ party! You looked AWESOME as did your whole family!

  3. Great Pics! Love the one of you and Matt – cute dress!

    Congrats to Andrea! How fun!

  4. Angela Reinhart

    I just have to say those pictures are beautiful! And the Firefly….yum! My husband took me there for our 10th wedding anniversary – it was delicious and such a great atmosphere.

    Thanks for sharing!

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