WFMW: My Mom Would Be So Proud!

wfmwThis week’s WFMW theme is “Back to School.” I had already written up a lot of this post, and just decided to turn it into a WFMW since I haven’t participated in a while!

There are so many things that I miss being able to tell my mom, even dumb little things, and this is one I know she would have laughed at and loved!

Remember how I had a tiny little freak-out at the end of last school year about the fact that Luke has to eat lunch at school (or rather, take his lunch to school) starting this fall? Well, I’ve started thinking about the logistics of everything over the last few weeks, and I’ve purchased a couple of things that will be used heavily over the next few years, I think.

But back to my mom: she was the original “green” mom way back when, way before it was hip. Like me, it mainly had to do with saving money…why throw something away when you can use it again, or why use something disposable when there’s a better alternative? Of course, she tried to apply this to my lunch, which I usually only brought once a week. On occasion, she’d pack my lunch in a plastic container instead of a sandwich bag, and I cannot stress enough how much I hated this.

Well, as we all know, times have changed. Luke chose his lunchbox a few weeks ago (I totally lucked out and he picked one that’s on sale – the green retro one) and last week, I bought a big box of Rubbermaid containers to use for his school lunch. And he’s excited about all of this! Oh, and I’m excited to own some larger storage containers that are NOT the disposable kind.

Last week, we also got a notice in the mail about how the school lunch money system works, and I started figuring out what it would cost to buy him a carton of milk every day he brings his lunch…it added up to over $75 (not to mention the fact that he would likely choose chocolate milk even if he wasn’t supposed to! And if we’re really being green here, the carton waste…). I looked online and found a Star Wars thermos that he thinks is pretty cool. And at $16, plus the cost of milk from the gallon at home, I figure we’ll save at least $40 this year. Now, this is if the thermos doesn’t leak and bringing a thermos isn’t uncool, of course…UPDATED TO ADD: In 3 years’ time, that thermos leaked once…and it was because I didn’t get the lid on straight. He used the same thermos for 3 years, and would still be using it for 4th grade had the bottom not fallen off.

So, these little investments in our “lunch kit” are what works for me…that, and knowing that my mom would be proud ;).

For more back to school tips, hop on over to We Are THAT Family.

10 responses to “WFMW: My Mom Would Be So Proud!

  1. I have little containers made just for sandwiches. My kids love them because the sandwich doesn’t get smashed, and I like them because I can just wash them and use them again.

  2. Ah… the joy of packing school lunch. I actually tried to get my boys to eat school lunch, but they didn’t like the food, so I packed. And still pack. It’s always a challenge! But we keep going, and tell them how much we love them. πŸ˜‰

  3. Jill (thebaglady)

    You’re so good. I guess I’m just too lazy. My kids only bring their lunches about 5 times a year & buy milk (sometimes 2) on those days. Then they usually forget to bring their lunch boxes home for a few days. Good for you! Maybe you’ll inspire me this year since I am trying to cut all unnecessary costs πŸ™‚

  4. You’ve got some great ideas, and it looks like you’ll be saving money in the process. Awesome! Each of my kiddos has a thermos like that, and we haven’t had any problem with them leaking. Even after the 18 month old throws it! I’m sure it will work great!

  5. During kindergarten Allison ate the school lunch almost every day. However, last year she started bringing her lunch to school more often (she was getting picky about the food). I’ll be waiting for a post of lunch suggestions that you pack for Luke. I need more lunch ideas for Allison. Thanks.

  6. That rubbermaid set looks great! As does the thermos – I loved having my own thermos as a kid; I hope they’re not “uncool” these days, since they’re so fun. Way to go on saving money, being green, and following in your mom’s footsteps!

  7. This is a great post! And, I used your tips….we had already planned to get Andrew a new lunch box today so we got the star wars thermos also! He’s so excited about it and it definitely will save money in the long run versus sending an organic little carton of milk which I was intending to do. Thanks!

  8. I also bought Ryan a Star Wars thermos at Target for summer school. At first I didn’t put milk in it based on the instructions that came with the thermos. However, Ryan prefers milk over any kind of juice. What I found was that Ryan was drinking about half of the milk in the thermos so I began to gage it as well to not be wasteful. I have been putting a frozen ice pack just under the thermos as well. I don’t know that it is truly helping…

    Ryan also needed to take an afternoon snack to school, drink and food. I have another water bottle that I use for water for his snack. I put a little water in the night before and put it in the freezer. I fill it up in the morning and place it in the side of his back pack so it doesn’t get anything wet if it starts to sweat.

    Have fun in 1st grade Luke!

  9. Love the post! I have been packing lunches for the kids for Mother’s Day Out, then Elementary school for a while now. We too were astonished how costly school lunches were, especially for not high quality food. Most of the time our children won’t eat the school food, so packing is how we do it most of the time.

    So far this year I have managed to not purchase new lunchboxes for everyone. That “everything new back-to-school” mentality is a hard one for me to shake, but I am working on it, and hopefully not passing along to my kids. As for containers… we strive to be green. The kids all have a reusable stainless container to pack water in. Food items are packed in an odd assortment of collected containers… butter tubs, sour cream containers…I don’t worry IF they get damaged or lost. I feel good reusing a container that otherwise would just become trash. And I am teaching my kids, by my actions, a different and more resourceful way to live. And so far it shows.

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