Last Day of Staycation!

(Several new recipes up on Three More Bites!)

So this is waaay overdue, but we’ve, like, been busy and stuff.

The last day of our staycation was Wednesday, and overnight Tuesday, Jack Henry developed a bit of a croupy-sounding cough (that thankfully, didn’t last) to go with his double ear infection (which is backwards, it usually happens in the reverse order). I didn’t want to expose him to the public, so I took the boys on our morning adventure, and Matt took them for the afternoon to the Magic House (sans camera).

We went to the Botanical Gardens in the morning…which, if you’re just reading that, sounds thrilling, I know. But that’s only if you’ve never actually been to our Botanical Garden. I’m embarrassed to admit that this is only the second time I’ve been there, and Matt’s never been in almost 11 years of living here.

Simply put, this place is amazing. Words do not do it justice. I want to live there. And to get all sappy for a minute, this was a perfect end to our staycation, which made me love our home city even more than I did before.

The boys were actually impressed with both the gardens/Climatron and all of the amazing Chihuly glass, as well as the Tower Grove home of the Garden’s founder, Henry Shaw (which I seriously loved…so cool to see a bit of St. Louis history!). There’s also a really fun Children’s Garden that the boys enjoyed…my major complaint about it is that it’s so big, it’s really easy to lose your kids in there (or have them get separated from each other, which can be scary) when they’re the ages that my older two are. All in all, though, a really great morning that we’ll do again. And bring the rest of our family along for next time!

Enjoy the pictures…

4 responses to “Last Day of Staycation!

  1. My Sis works at the Garden in Garden Membership! I sent her the link to your blog because one of the major goals of the Garden is to get young families actively involved in membership so that they will expose their children to the Garden and the love will keep getting passed on! You single-handedly helped them meet their goal today! Yay for you! Glad you had fun there. We had our wedding pics taken there and it is still one of my most favorite places in the whole world! Peeps in St. Louis don’t know how amazing a place it really is!

  2. Very pretty pictures! My mom went there this summer and said it was awesome. I have thought about going there before on our summer trips to St Louis – but so far we have not actually made it there. Maybe next summer!
    Your entire staycation looked like a good time!!! ( – minus the health issues and JH….. not fun.)

  3. I loved it when my h.s. girlfriend group went 2 yrs. ago–definitely a neat destination for young & old! No way can you NOT be impressed by the unique & beautiful sights–both in nature & man-made.

  4. GREAT pictures. . . especially love the water lillies! Mom and I went once, but it was hotter than blue blazes. . . we definitely need to go again sometime!

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