Wordless Wednesday (really late): Squints

This is for Karen, who introduced me to “The Sandlot” many years ago…I think this will make you laugh, Kar.  (By the way, her post today made me laugh out loud, and seriously, I cried a little I laughed so hard.  Plus, she needs some advice – do you have a good definition for “sexy” that she can pass on to her 6 year old?)

Who is the real Squints Palledorous?

bennett 3d glasses

(kindly ignore the food in his teeth. thank you.)


6 responses to “Wordless Wednesday (really late): Squints

  1. “You’re killing me, Smalls! You’re killing me!”
    That is a great picture.
    So, have your boys seen the movie? I haven’t yet introduced it to mine, but it’s bound to happen.

  2. Yes, Jamie, they’ve seen the movie multiple times, and repeat lines from it like, “for-ev-er, for-ev-er, for-ev-er,” and “I’m the great Bambino! What? … ”

    Be warned that the language is a bit cruder in spots than I remembered it being. But the movie is hilarious, and the boys love it!

  3. HILARIOUS! I love that pic!

  4. Jill (thebaglady)

    Great picture! We were on a huge Sandlot craze for a while. Then the kids started saying some of the not-so-nice words & we took a break. We might heed to bust it out again though.

  5. Oh! I’m dying! It’s awesome! I need to hear him say, “You got it….bring it up!” (When they were trying to get back the ball). Thanks for the shout out!

  6. ROFL! HA! Does it make me way old that I said that?

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