Putting Me in My Place

This morning Bennett is working on some puzzles (seriously, he has such a lost look on his face half the day, due to missing Luke!), and he wanted some help with a particularly-hard 100 piece Star Wars puzzle.

He finished the frame of the puzzle, and after a few failed attempts at finding a piece that matched, I got about 7 pieces in a row in one section while he worked on a different part of the puzzle.

I said to him, “Man, I’m really cruisin’ on this thing now!”

To which he replied, “Yeah, well that’s ’cause you’re working on the easy part.”


4 responses to “Putting Me in My Place

  1. Too Cute!

  2. Humbling, isn’t it . . .

    Gotta remember Bennett’s best put-down of me (when he was less than 3 yrs. old)–when I was failing miserably trying to play some Wii game, he nonchalantly pointed out the reason: “Nana Jo, you’re just bad at it!”

  3. You should have said, ‘well if it’s so easy, why didn’t you have it done?” That would have taught him.

  4. Hilarious. This made me LOL…..cause it totally reminds me of something Kayla would say to me. I swear those two are one in the same.

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