One Kid.

Having some time alone with Jack Henry is nothing new…last year, Bennett went to preschool two days a week while Luke was in kindergarten, which left Jack Henry and me to ourselves. Oh, except that it was afternoon kindergarten and preschool, and Jack Henry had to nap. So that’s what we did of our time together without brothers (clarification: I napped maybe once; JH napped every day). So this really IS something new!

Jack Henry looked so forlorn when we got back in the van after dropping Bennett off at school…it wasn’t something I was expecting, and I think it was genuine. He remembered the school building for sure, so I think he knew that he was going to be without both of his buddies and it made him sad! As I mentioned yesterday, I offered to cheer him up with a Cinnamon Crunch bagel, which immediately did the trick.

After Bread Co, we headed over to Trader Joe’s, where I needed just a few things. I was feeling adventurous and so enjoying my boy that I let him push his own little cart. He thought he owned the place! It was so cute. My camera was in my purse because we’d just done first-day-of-preschool pics, so I got a couple of him at TJ’s.

see?  with the eyes again?

see? his trick with the eyes again?

this shopping thing is wearing me out!

this shopping thing is wearing me out!

I was practically giddy yesterday morning at the prospect of Jack Henry and I getting to spend some quality time together…he’s always just thrown into the mix, I feel, with not a lot of attention given just directly to him. Even running errands when that has to be done will be a new, fun experience, as I won’t also be disciplining his brothers (this is, of course, only true if Jack Henry decides to skip the terrible twos and tantrums that go along with them). I love that time when there’s just one kid in the cart, and we can chat about what we see.

It’s funny how time, multiple children, and perspective changes things. 4 years or so ago, when Luke was around 2, I was working. It was part-time, yes, and billed as “flexible” and to some extent it was, but there was a lot about the scheduling that was completely out of my hands. This meant that sometimes, I worked 2 hours a day up to five days a week, and sometimes, I’d work two or three or four full days and have the others off…oh, and the loads of paperwork to be done at home wasn’t included in that time. The unpredictability and just being slightly overwhelmed as a working mom makes me feel like I didn’t capitalize very well on Luke’s toddlerhood (also, when he was 19 months old, I got pregnant with Bennett…so throw pregnancy/exhaustion into all that, too). By the time Bennett reached toddlerhood, I was slowing down with my job and eventually staying home. Again, I was pregnant when Bennett was 20 months old and Luke was just starting preschool, but I remember having some of this QT with Bennett and loving it.

And I don’t know…chalk it up to aging, losing a parent too soon, knowing Jack Henry is my last (and thus, I’m finally not pregnant through someone’s toddlerhood!), whatever: I am very, very aware that this time with him is fleeting. I fully intend to make the most of those mornings that we have together, just the two of us. And he’s going to have to be okay with the fact that there will not be bagels involved every day 🙂

8 responses to “One Kid.

  1. Sniff sniff. I’m already in a weepy mood. This didn’t help.

  2. I, like Karen, am not exactly in an upbeat mood to begin with, so you COULD have just stopped before that last part! (However, my mood isn’t a “young mother’s” mood; it’s on the other end of the spectrum–this is the evening of Aldridges’ farewell party.)

    ANYWAY, you are just so right; Bennett’s pre-school mornings alone w/ JH are a very special time you will have w/ him that are a little different than with either of his brothers! And . . . It would be REALLY hard for me not to make that stop for a yummy bagel become a routine part of those mornings. 🙂

  3. Sweet thoughts on your baby Nicole! Having that time with your son is so precious! I know I really revel in it when I get that time with either one of the boys. I hope you guys really live it up, bagels or no bagels, while you can.

  4. Jill (thebaglady)

    So true!

  5. this was a very good post for me. it reminded me to truly stop and enjoy my time every day with adali. it has taken me some time but i realize that i am very fortunate to have the choice to stay with her every day. knowing that there may not be any more little ones, i need to enjoy the journey every step of the way!

  6. And the grocery cart pics are PERFECT! That 2nd one is a hoot; I have felt like slumping over the cart in exhaustion/boredom many times!

  7. i love the pics of jh pushing the little shopping cart. he looks so grown up.

  8. Ditto to Nana Jo’s comment. That is me at the end of each of my Walmart grocery trips.

    You and Jack are going to have so many opportunities to make memories! 😀

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