I got a fun phone call this week…my sister-in-law, Andrea, called to tell us that she’d just had her ultrasound, and yes, my first niece is on her way, due January 14th!!

I was at the mall today and couldn’t help but glance at the other side of the Gymboree store…can you believe how cute this is (and there’s a hat to match!)?  I didn’t buy it.  Yet. But I did pick up a couple of things on clearance last week at Target *just in case* it was a girl…I had a feeling it was. 🙂

Congrats, Ang and Eric!

12 responses to “Girl!

  1. i’m going to have a hard time saving money….

  2. Girl clothes are super fun.. You’re in trouble…

  3. Funny you should post this today. I had to run to Tuscola this morn. for something else, and I *accidentally* found myself wandering into the Carter’s outlet store! I was in fantasy land!! This is gonna be great fun!

  4. My brother and sister-in-law are having a girl, too… the first girl on either side!

    The clothes are almost TOO cute. I haven’t bought anything yet, but it’s getting harder and harder to resist!

  5. Have fun- Gymboree girls clothes are sooo cute. The part the really gets me is when I end up buying the sunglasses, bows, socks, and purse to go with each outfit.

  6. Aw, thanks for the post!! And um, I’m slightly hyper now after seeing that adorable little girl dress! Oh, I can’t wait to shop!! And to decorate! This is going to be so fun!

  7. I just bought that dress for my baby girl. There is a sweater & shoes to match too! It’s quite Dangerous…..

  8. LOVE the dress. It was Addison’s birthday dress this year! 😉 Congrats on the niece. You’ll love buying stuff for a girl!

  9. I LOVE this line from Gymboree although I’ve been good and haven’t bought anything from it. Yet. That yet is the key word 🙂

    congrats to Andrea and have fun girl shopping!

  10. oh how fun! after being convinced that adali was a boy i have to say that i am thankful she was a girl when i shop for clothes. nothing against little boys at all (i wanted 3 afterall) but i think you summed up little boy clothes perfectly in your post yesterday.

    i have a feeling she will be spoiled! you should try and win the bow that i am giving away that nikki calhoon – trupiano made…

    congratulations, andrea!

  11. The dresses and stuff are cute – but I still found myself always wanting to dress Paige sporty. Guess that’s why I had 2 boys next.

  12. Congrats you two, that is so exciting!!

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