He Is SO the Third Child.

I’m (inadvertantly) keeping with a Jack Henry theme this week…more about our littlest man and what he’s like!

Poor baby. The third child in some ways gets the short end of the stick, ya know? I mean, there are lots of benefits, like two awesome older brothers, that the first two don’t have. But it’s evident that the parenting is slightly more relaxed with him…which, really, is mostly a good thing, too. Here are some examples:

:: When he plays with action figures (like Star Wars guys or Toy Story characters, for instance), they are nearly always fighting with each other.  This did not happen when his brothers were this little!  These scuffles come complete with sound effects, too.  Matt and I are trying to model the “guys” being friends with each other.

:: He wears “boxing gloves” on his hands at least once a day…except his boxing gloves are socks. I have no idea how he came up with that, but it’s not something the other two do AND they certainly wouldn’t have known what boxing was at 2.

:: At the beginning of last week, Jack Henry had to have a minor surgery. His old ear tubes were not functioning properly (and in fact, they were causing some problems) so he had to have them surgically removed, and we went ahead and had a second set put in while he was under just for good measure (also, if you’re anti-tubes, this is not up for debate, so I’d rather not discuss that in the comments…thanks!). This is the SIXTH time one of our children has had anesthesia, so instead of both parents taking him, I just did it myself. I mean, I never would have dreamed of doing that with Luke (who has been under four times – once for a procedure to open his tear duct, twice for tubes in his ears, and once during the sixth nerve palsy scare). By the way, if we judged who our best kid was solely on who has been less of an issue medically speaking, Bennett is running away with the prize. Fortunately for the other two, that’s not how it works. And I’m kidding, of course. We don’t have favorites. Most days.

Anyway, Jack Henry did great with the procedure, and this time, since he was older, he got a bit of a sedative before they took him back to put him under. It was not nearly as entertaining as Tia apparently was, but it did make me giggle a little.

:: I caught him last week literally sucking his baby toothpaste (fluoride-free, thank God!) out of the tube.  #1 – he has (had, as this has been changed) easy access to his toothpaste, which the others wouldn’t have had and #2 – mom didn’t freak out about how much he might have eaten…I just told him not to do it again and put it up high.  Along with about 40 other things in our house right now.

:: I also caught him, just days before, apparently mimicking his older brothers’ teeth brushing habits, except he got it kinda wrong.  He was standing on the step stool in the boys’ bathroom (JH brushes his teeth in our bathroom), had Luke’s toothbrush in his mouth, and a ton of foamy green Kandoo soap all around his mouth.  He was brushing his teeth with soap.  And I probably don’t have to mention, making a funny face.  (Note: he was alone for literally 60 seconds…he’d just left my side when I said, “Let’s go get you ready for bath,” I finished up what I was doing, and found him like this.)

:: He’s attempting to sing pop songs before he’s even two!  Luke was still primarily listening to kid music at this age.  But after several years of that stuff, I thought I’d lose my mind if I had to listen solely to kid music, and a happy medium was found. Well, I’m happy, at least.

Please let me know that I’m not alone…

9 responses to “He Is SO the Third Child.

  1. This post made me laugh, especially Jack Henry brushing his teeth with soap! You’re not alone, Nicole! I can totally relate in regards to Josh (the first song he ever sang was Europe’s “The Final Countdown”), and I wonder how much more so it will be with Noah. So glad you’re enjoying and cherishing your extra time these days with your littlest man!

  2. Has he ever seen Wii Boxing? Could that be where he got the boxing thing?

    He is quite the character. 🙂 I’m gagging when I imagine him doing the toothbrush thing with actual soap.

  3. Jack and I can relate to the third child stuff…always the hand me downs….at least his birthday isn’t during christmas…

  4. Jill (thebaglady)

    Blake’s 1st word was “Bob,” as in Sponge Bob… if that tells you anything.

  5. I find it amusing how much stuff Kenzie has eaten before the older two ever did. Sad as it is, she had her first McD’s cheeseburger at 11 months….

    Brushing his teeth with soap….yuck! I have a friend who’s daughter ate a tube of toothpaste W/ flouride! So, at least you can feel better about that. 🙂

  6. I’m loving Jill’s comment!!

    As much as I doted on every single thing (good AND mischievous) Luke & Bennett did as toddlers, for some reason, all JH’s antics just seem all the more adorable cause he’s the “baby”!!

  7. Oh yes – it is definitly true! Cole goes whizzing down the driveway on his big wheel and I don’t bat an eye. I’d be having a coronary if Paige had done that. There are TONS of things like this. His favorite song is the beginning of “Phineus and Ferb” if that says anything.

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