Bound to Happen

Well, it didn’t take long. Today, Luke forgot to bring his lunch to school! It was packed and ready to go, and in his excitement to get on the bus, he left it near the door. I left immediately after he did with the two other boys to take Bennett to preschool and Jack Henry to run a few errands and to a doctor’s appointment, and then back to pick up Bennett. By the time I got home and found the lunch, Luke’s lunchtime had already begun.

I know this isn’t that big a deal; he can eat school lunch on days like this. But I just felt bad, knowing that there would be some degree of panic on his part when he realized his lunch wasn’t there. I emailed his teacher and apologized, telling her that I’d found it too late and hoped he hadn’t had a panic attack! She emailed back midday that he’d been a little upset and she talked him into eating a hot dog in the cafeteria. It all worked out fine, and he came home acting like it totally wasn’t a big deal…I never know what to expect with him.

I got to see a really sweet side of Bennett today, too, which I always love. When I realized that Luke didn’t have his lunch and it was too late to get it to him, B was really worried. I explained that he’d just eat school lunch, but that didn’t really put his mind at ease, so I suggested that we say a prayer for Luke to not be worried and to just be okay with eating whatever was there. Bennett buried his head in my shoulder and cried while we prayed for him…can I just tell you how much good that does this mama’s heart? Bennett can be hard to love sometimes, but he truly has a heart of gold.

I’m glad to have two weeks of school under our belts now! Feels good to be establishing a routine.

In other news…we’re selling stuff for Luke’s school! If you’re interested in cute wrapping paper (each of those words is a link) and yummy chocolates and stuff like that, leave me a comment and I’ll get you the appropriate codes to give Luke’s school the credit. To go into salesperson mode for a moment, the wrapping paper is really nice, you get a ton of it on the roll, and it’s scored on the back so people who are unable to cut a straight line (raises hand) can still wrap a package nicely.

Have a great weekend!

6 responses to “Bound to Happen

  1. Oh Lordy, I am about crying myself while reading about Bennett! I am SO-O-O glad Luke was OK with everything when he got home, and I love it that you are teaching your kids to pray about everything on their minds & hearts!! (I know we may sometimes hesitate to do this–it makes us vulnerable–it’s “risky”–since we know that prayers are not always answered in the way the child expects or visualizes–and it’s hard to explain why God didn’t do what was asked!)

    When Sharon & I were having lunch together today, I was just talking about how caring, protective, & compassionate Bennett is!!!

  2. Reading about Bennett also made me teary eyed – love that you had a glimpse into his heart!!

    Glad things worked out with Luke!!

  3. Okay, count me as #3 getting teary-eyed over Bennett! Like I blogged about on Thursday, nothing can top that sibling love! (Even if you want to kill your sibling at times!) 🙂 Such a sweet story. I’m glad Luke did okay!

  4. Andrew’s actually selling the same wrapping paper and chocolates….does Luke get prizes for selling stuff? Andrew does and that’s ALL he can talk about 🙂 I do love that wrapping paper though!

    Sweet sweet Bennett. Almost made me cry. So adorable.

  5. Jill (thebaglady)

    I remember when my Lucas forgot his lunch the 1st time. After school I reassured him that he will always have $ in his luch account & it’s not a big deal (but I was very worried all day long)

  6. I actually was up at school having lunch with Jackson last Friday. I stopped by Luke’s table to find him finishing up his hot dog. I told him I didn’t know you could get a hot dog when it wasn’t on the menu for that day. He said “yeah- they have hamburgers everyday too. I forgot my lunch today so I picked a hot dog”. Good to know in case we ever forget our lunch. Thanks Luke!

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