This Makes Me Laugh

Ok, I said I wasn’t posting again today, but I got a short video clip of Jack Henry saying a new word, and it makes me laugh. I find it so funny, in fact, that I’ve asked him to repeat it an inappropriate number of times. Enjoy!

5 responses to “This Makes Me Laugh

  1. And I’ve listened to it an inappropriate # of times too! Love Bennett’s delight over JH’s new vocab!

  2. How inappropriate! 🙂 THis is just the beginning of the big boys getting him to say things that are taboo. (funny, but taboo)

  3. that made me laugh too.

  4. Who says that boy doesn’t have much usable language. He’s got all he needs to make his brother laugh. And apparently Mom thinks it’s awesome too!

    He wasn’t using other words all this time because he was…. prioritizing. 😉

  5. hehehehe! He’s so cute. I love Bennett in the background too:)

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