*We do not have a pet, and I do not foresee us getting one anytime soon.  However, I might be able to live with the ZhuZhu Pet hamster, described by one writer as “like a hamster without the mess and death.”  I like it!  Except, apparently, they’re already hard to find.  Sorry, kids.  Maybe we’ll get you some fish.  Maybe.

*Super-duper easy way to help out one of my favorite charities, Compassion International. This group of college guys that call themselves “Dude Perfect” have pledged to sponsor one child for every 100,000 hits they get to this video. Watch it with your kids…they’ll get a kick out of it! Check out their website, too…it’s not often that you find a group of guys who label themselves as “ultimately…a group of college guys that follows Jesus.” Very cool.

*Thinking through some big decisions (parenting stuff) has prompted this gem to come to mind: Parenting is hard. (If you remember one of the old Will-Ferrell-as-George-Bush skits from SNL, you can instead say, “Presidenting is hard.” It means the same thing in our house.)

*Oh my goodness…this is the funniest thing I’ve read in a while.  Shannon from Rocks in my Dryer posted it over at Parenting, and you have to go read it.  It’s called, “When You’ve Lost Control of the Imaginary Friends, You’ve Lost Control.

3 responses to “Snippets

  1. Can’t believe you mentioned the zhu zhu hamsters–I saw a reference to these a couple days ago & went to the website to watch the clip of how they work. I thought they were so cute and wondered if you’d seen them–or if you thought they were cute or not!

  2. Dude – that video was cool.

  3. I got to review them. I need to write the post, but they’re eh.

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