Out of the Mouths of Babes, Part 17

Luke woke up one morning with a cold and a sore throat. I asked him how he was feeling, and he gave the very grown-up response of, “Well, I’ve felt better.”


Bennett, out of the blue, ran into the office to tell Matt, “You can’t rush art!” We looked at each other like, “what??” and then remembered that it’s a line from Toy Story 2. Between Bennett and Luke, much of both of the first two Toy Story movies can be recited from memory. Looking forward to Toy Story 3 this Christmas! (oh, and Dear Disney, genius move, re-releasing Toy Story and Toy Story 2 in theaters as a double feature, thus winning over a new generation of kids who haven’t seen them yet. And making their parents buy outrageously-priced toys from the movie….seriously, what is up with Sheriff Woody costing $35? We have an old, totally beat-up Woody with only one boot and a messed-up pull string, but I think he was about $15 a couple of years ago and it’s the same toy.  Love, Me.)


Bennett, crying in the basement.
I yell down, “What happened?
He comes to the bottom the stairs and says, “I don’t know!” and walks up the steps to me, holding his side.
Me: “Well, did you run into something or did something hit you?” (thinking this could be a brother’s fault)
Bennett: “Yeah, something hit me.”
Me: “What was it?”
Bennett: “The couch.”


Bennett, explaining some Star Wars stuff to Jack Henry: “That’s Anakin. But he turns into Darth Vader. That’s a sad part for his wife.”


And, in more Star Wars news, Jack Henry figured out that the boys’ Princess Leia figurine and I have matching anatomy.  Since he doesn’t really talk yet, this was done through pointing.  I probably don’t have to tell you that we were cracking up at this!


Bennett, randomly: “Mom, you’re gonna come in handy.”  Good to know.


Bennett, as we were folding laundry together: “Are those your jeans?  I thought they were Dad’s because they’re so big!”  WOW.  Thank you.


I was explaining what a retirement home was to Bennett…describing it as a place that healthy, retired older people lived.  Bennett said, “You mean like Dad?”

(At least he offends both of us equally.)

10 responses to “Out of the Mouths of Babes, Part 17

  1. Seriously, you should rent Bennett out for party entertainment. That kid is hilarious!

  2. I know no one should have favorites when it comes to kids – but when it comes to one liners – Bennett is my favorite in this post! 🙂

  3. we’re excited for toy story 3 too.

  4. TOO FUNNY! I love all the Star Wars references.

  5. Ditto to Disney about that! Am I understanding right that the movie is a double feature? What kid can sit for over 3 hours? I don’t get it.

    Second – one liners rock. I was laughing at Princess Leia and the jeans comments most.

  6. jeans comment=hilarious.

  7. Wow, these were great. I laughed out loud at several of them.

  8. Oh Bennett. Too funny. Can’t wait for the next toy story movie. and the new cars one after that!

  9. No WAY to pick out a favorite! I don’t think my kids said nearly as funny stuff!! Bennett rocks.

    I thought the same thing as Karen about the 2 TS movies–sitting through both of them. I’ve got some catching up to do, though, since I don’t think I’ve ever seen TS 2.

  10. Oh my. Thanks for the laughs!!! I could read “out of the mouths of babes” blogs all day! =)

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