Fall TV…What Are You Watching?

OK, I LOVED the first episode of Glee…and liked the second one, but not as much as the first. The characters are SO over the top in many circumstances that I’m afraid I’m going to tire of it…but I’ll probably just keep watching because of the music! Reasons I loved week one:

1. In the premiere, they sang Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin'”. I think I’m in heaven. Here’s my favorite clip from the premiere.

2. The lead high school boy’s name in the show is Finn. Which was on my short list when naming Jack Henry, but guess who didn’t like it? I’ll let you do the math. I think I have a little bit of a crush on Finn (he’s 27 in real life, so that feels less cougar-ish than, say, my crush on Z ac E fron).

3. I loved high school. I was not (and am not) at all musically talented, but I was a dancer and loved the choreography in the show (OK, I cannot STAND Kan ye, but the clip from week 2 had such a fun dance routine).

4. The lead actor, who plays the teacher in charge of the glee club (Mr. Schuester), seems like a really likable guy with a nutty wife. And he sang “Leaving on a Jet Plane” a capella.

Get yourself over to hulu to catch up if you missed it! Oh, and it’s not for kids. Episode 3 is on tonight at 8 on Fox.

I will also be watching: Biggest Loser (did you see it last night?!?), The Office, and maybe The Amazing Race. And on occasion Cold Case, but I usually forget it’s on. I’m sure people are excited about “Community” but it doesn’t look that funny to me (Joel McHale is hilarious on “Talk Soup” but this show looks weak). What about you?

12 responses to “Fall TV…What Are You Watching?

  1. I watched Biggest Loser and I got teary eyed when the one contestant told her story about losing her husband and child/children. I can’t even imagine!

    I think it will be a good season. I like that Jillian and Bob are working together.

  2. AMAZING RACE!!! It is the only show that I tape (yes i still live in the dark ages and use a vcr and vhs to catch the shows I want to be able to watch uninterrupted!) and I like Criminal Minds – but it started getting weak last season – so not sure what this season will bring. Other then that I don’t catch many other shows – never even heard of Glee.

    • Um, yeah, we still tape too. Someday, when money is no object (this is no time in the foreseeable future), I will have DVR and my life will be complete. πŸ™‚ But for now, I’d rather spend the money on something else when I have a 1997 VCR and hulu at my disposal!

      I love The Amazing Race…it’s just on at a bad time, so I forget about it. I’m sure I could find it online if needed…

  3. here is my list:
    amazing race
    grey’s anatomy

    and jastin watches this crazy show on sunday nights that he makes me sit through with him called defying gravity. it claims it’s about astronauts but i swear it’s a star trek remake. it’s awful.

    • I am so excited to find others that are Amazing Race fans….. I swear my family and friends all look at me like i am from outer space when I ask if they watch it/ have seen it. πŸ™‚ This made my day (some days it’s the small stuff!)

  4. finn (finnegan) was and still is on my list of boy names. eric actually likes it too b/c it’s irish. who knows, maybe if we have a third…

  5. Um, how did I miss the 2nd episode of glee? I thought it was on Wednesdays! I liked the first one. I’m watching Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, Dancing with the Stars, Brothers & Sisters, and House. Was Chuck & Pushing Daisies cancelled?!

  6. Pushing Daisies was cancelled. 😦

    Here, our favorite is NCIS. We do love a good crime drama. Rebecca and I used to watch NUMB3RS (because really we are both kind of geeky) but it just got so weird that we quit that one.

  7. I’ve heard good things about Glee– I’ll have to check it out.

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE The Big Bang Theory on CBS. It’s kinda stupid and dorky (like me), but it’s hilarious. And I kinda miss sitcoms.

    I’m also going to try watching Fringe again… even though I stopped last season. And Mad Men, of course. And Lost… in JANUARY!

  8. My LIST: Two and a Half Men, Office, Glee (also think it looks quirky and fun), Greys (maybe – their losin’ me fast), and I’m trying Community.

  9. Definitely watching Biggest Loser, The Amazing Race, and The Office. I may at times catch dancing with the stars. Kirk watches The Fringe and loves it, but I just can’t commit to another show….have to do some things around the house! πŸ™‚

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