When I Grow Up…

One of my favorite conversations to have with the boys is about what they want to be when they grow up. I wish I’d been writing this down over the years, but I do remember some of Luke’s career ambitions from his preschool years.

I totally remember what I my preschool/kindergarten career ambitions were: checkout girl at the grocery store (honestly, I still think that this would be fun, and I love to use self-checkout) and Avon lady. Because back in the day the Avon lady used to load up a bag of new Avon products, come to our house, and show us what was in the bag. I made my mom sit through countless fake Avon sessions with me, using the catalog that we’d just gotten from our rep. Throughout elementary, jr. high and high school I had lots of other ideas, but none are as fun as the ones from my early childhood.

Here’s what I remember from Luke, ages 3-5: worker at McDonald’s, worker at Arby’s, pharmacist (just so he could work the drive-thru window at Walgreens…are you sensing a theme with these first three career aspirations?), cement truck driver, doctor, baseball player, bank worker.

In the last few years, he’s narrowed down his choices a little more. Now he thinks he’d like to be a baseball player first, when he’s young, and then when he retires he’ll either be a dentist or an engineer…he wants to build bridges and tall buildings and robots. And honestly, if I had to pick a career for him, I’d pick engineer or architect. The way his creative mind works would be a perfect fit for a job like that! (His creative mind also led him to think, for about a week, that he wanted to be potter when he grew up after seeing a pottery wheel demonstration somewhere one time. I have to admit that I was the kid who had ideas like that when I saw something cool, too!)

Bennett has literally always said the same thing: baseball player and then a worker at Dad’s bank. That’s it.

What did you want to be when you grew up? And did you do it?

17 responses to “When I Grow Up…

  1. I wanted to be a vet or rich……… so far either is happening for me……… 🙂

  2. I meant neither

  3. NIc…….why are you asking that question in the sidebar poll???? That whole 3-4 kids thing has me wondering….about you, not me ; )

    • Hahaha…oh no…no reason! I just included that because I thought that some with four may have found that the most difficult transition (and I figured if you’ve got more than four, any subsequent transitions couldn’t be harder than the first four!). No way.

  4. It’s so funny you posted this today. The kids and I were just talking about this last night. Lyndsey wants to be a teacher, doctor, nurse or vet. So maybe something medical, she really likes to help when someone or somedog is not feeling well and Grandma Cookie is a nurse too. Sean wants to be a firefighter, police officer, or construction worker. I think he just wants big vehicles and lights and sirens.

  5. Oh and Darren wants to be a professional deer hunter. He can keep dreaming because I am not moving to Iowa (apparently a deer mecca).

  6. I’m not sure I had any career aspirations. I remember that my sister always wanted to own a bakery though . . . from the time she was little up until high school when she developed a passion for teaching.

    Come to think of it . . . I work at a camp. I’m still not sure what I want to be when I grow up. Maybe I still lack career aspirations . . .

  7. I wanted to teach and be a mother. Once I got older I enjoyed school less and stuck with the mother plan. Its MUCH harder than it looked growing up, I must say.

  8. My (twin) brother and I had these “School Days” books growing up. There was a page for every year in school and you were supposed to fill out important things like your teachers’ name, favorite subject, etc. There was a spot for a picture, but there were also check boxes at the bottom for what you wanted to be when you grow up.

    In the early grades, I’d check things like nurse (which I’d be HORRIBLE at, btw) or teacher… and then probably around 3rd or 4th grade, I realized that the check boxes were divided by gender, so my brother (who had the EXACT same book) would check “astronaut” or “firefighter” in the “boys” section.

    I decided that I didn’t like that he could be a firefighter and I couldn’t, so the next year I checked ALL the “boy” boxes. If I can find that book, I’ll scan it in… ‘cuz it’s probably the first distinct memory I have of defining gender roles in that way.

    Sorry for the long comment, but thanks for the post (and the memory!!)

  9. i wanted to star in commercials (lindsey, charlie and i would always make up commercials for items around the house and record them). the other thing i wanted to do was be one of those hand models on QVC. i know, high aspirations…you can stop laughing now…

  10. I don’t remember what I wanted to be when I was little. As I got older, I always wanted to be a nurse. Then my senior yr., I decided I wanted to go to “real college” (read: with guys), so I ditched the idea of nursing school and headed to WIU to major in Eng.

    While teaching was a good career choice for me, through the yrs I still always thought I’d have liked being a nurse (or something in health care–back in the day, “nurse” was about it).

  11. I probably would say teacher when I was real young – then healthcare worker of some sort. Later in life I wanted to be a news anchor. I would still like to be, except for my inability to regain composure if I feel something it funny. Plus, I wouldn’t want to emotionlessly report bad news.

  12. I totally messed up my vote on the survey. I meant to put “from 1 to 2” instead of “from 2 to 3” (which is what I put); then after another half-second, I thought BOTH of those answers were wrong–my real answer is “from no kids to 1 kid”! That’s my final answer!!

  13. nicole, let’s just open up a grocery store so that we can both fulfill our childhood dreams of scanning items at the checkout! seriously, i find myself at the self-checkout still enjoying the sound of the item being scanned.

    totally adorable that bennett emulates matt like that! and you’re so right–i can definitely see luke as an engineer. his science projects will be award winners.

  14. tv broadcaster. funny how i got my degree in that and didn’t do anything w/ it.

  15. Who wants to grow up? Aging is mandatory, but maturing is optional! As for youthful career desires, I wanted to do three things. I wanted to teach, preach, or carry mail. I taught for nine years, carried mail for @29 years, and have been preaching at Sharon and my two adult children for over 36 years, but they just haven’t been listening. However, as Meatloaf sang, “Two out of three ain’t bad”. And H and N, I totally agree on the grocery checker gig as well. Everyone should have the opportunity of working at Martin’s one time in his/her life. It is a blast. I enjoyed it so much these last two+ years, I plan on doing something like it down here in Fla. Sam

  16. First, let me say that Karen would sooooo not be able to control the laughter. Soooo not. 🙂 Love you, Karen, but when you laugh, you laugh. It’s a beautiful thing.

    Nic, to this day, my favorite job EVER was as a cashier at Dominick’s. I started out being one of those “Hi! Would you like to try a sample of Dominick’s Homemade Italian Sausage today?” girls and was quickly “promoted” to bagger, then checker. This was 1983, and I was making $8 an hour – HUGE money back then for a high school kid. Now, more than ever, I think I would love it, if only because you get to see all the strange combinations of stuff people buy — (tampons, baking powder and cheese) It never ceased to crack me up.

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