It’s Been a While…

…since I’ve posted some kid art!

This is not only a look at Bennett’s new drawing skills, but also a gift suggestion for anyone 4-6 years old who loves drawing. Luke got the book “I Can Draw Animals” from the Swinigans (right, Heather?) when Jack Henry was born. He learned how to draw lots of animals from it, and really enjoyed it, so we also got him the “I Can Draw People” book, which is harder.

We got the animals one out today for Bennett, and he did a great job on his first try! (notice the text on his drawing…how did I miss this feature in Picasa? Kelli, I think I learned this from you.)


jh mickey

not to be outdone, jack henry did some artwork today, too. i love how he colored over his name on purpose after we wrote it on there.

6 responses to “It’s Been a While…

  1. I love the art posts!! These remind me so much of Luke’s drawings at that age! I can see I need some updates for my fridge–from all 3 of the boys!

  2. awwww, how funny I posted Ruthie’s picture she drew me tonight too! Very cute stuff!

  3. Those are SO cute! There was no text necessary for Bennett’s drawings! They are right on! Good for him!

  4. beautiful work guys! i have a lot of artwork on my fridge that looks like jh’s right now.

  5. Bennett did an amazing job on those! wow!

    And happily neither of your boys chose the wall for their medium. :O

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