So I Have This Blog Friend…

…and her name is Sara. You know, the one who makes the fabulous photo cards? We got to meet in real life last summer when our mutual friend Heather had us over for lunch while Sara and her family were in town visiting.

Well, Sara and her husband, Kyle, and their 2-year-old, Jack, just welcomed a new baby boy into the world this week. His name is Bennett Nelson…and I just found out that they first liked the name after seeing it here, well before Sara was pregnant with little Bennett!

Sara asked me and a few other moms of all boys to guest post for her while she’s recuperating, and she’s chosen an oldie but goodie that I wrote a while back.

So click over there, and congratulate the Lukes on their new baby boy!

5 responses to “So I Have This Blog Friend…

  1. Very cool! That guest blog pulled at my heart strings all over again.

    Can’t get over the Lukes having a Jack & a Bennett!!

  2. very good guest post! congrats to her and baby bennett.

  3. that was me, not eric.

  4. Great post! Like a friend of mine told me yesterday… the to do list will still be there in the morning. I’m trying to get better at this.

    Crazy about the names. Now they just need a Matt or Nicole!

  5. There is no greater flattery than name stealing for kiddos! YAY! And too funny that they are the “Luke’s” ha ha ha ha!

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