Time: 8am this morning
Place: Hall Bathroom

Bennett says, “Mom! I just told Luke to be really careful not to get water all over the counter today because I JUST cleaned it yesterday before Jack Henry’s party. I used this towel to wipe off the water.”

Me: “Well, thanks!” (Inside, I’m thinking, seriously? Are you kidding me? I clean up this counter literally every day, and kindly remind you to try and keep the water inside the sink, which doesn’t seem that hard, and it gets me no where. And then you clean it once, and you’re handing out reminders? WOW. If this works, that kid’s got himself a job!)

I hope to be back later today with a little birthday recap. As it stands, I haven’t even uploaded pictures yet. Jack Henry and I have been enjoying his new toys (and a little Bread Co treat) this morning, and I am digging myself out of a mountain of laundry that somehow created itself overnight.

2 responses to “Sigh.

  1. I think that is the “male” gene in him…. sounds like something my husband might say…. 🙂

  2. HILarious. I would agree with sara – if a GUY does it, it deserves praise and recognition if a girl does it, like, so what? I can’t believe you just celebrated JH turning 2. It just seems old.

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