Jack Henry’s 2nd Birthday Recap

Update from yesterday: the washer got fixed today for well within what we’d set our repair limit to be. Gah. Part of me was sincerely hoping that it was dead, so I could get something snazzy. Truly, though, I am glad that we’re not having to spend the money on a new set right now. Someday…

Jack Henry’s birthday was on Saturday, but his party was on Sunday. Saturday was relatively low-key, with donuts and a trip to the park early in the morning before the rains came, and then lots of playtime at home, while Matt and I took turns doing work around the house (inside and out) and watching the Illini get creamed by OSU. If someone could just put us out of our college football misery now, we’d greatly appreciate it.

Anyway, Sunday was fun! He definitely knew that this weekend was all about him…he smiled and showed two fingers when anyone mentioned “birthday” and loved when we sang “Happy Birthday” to him. He got some cool new toys, some cute pjs and some shirts for fall, as well as a new basketball hoop for the basement, which he really liked! Our old one was given to us by some neighbors when Luke was 2, but it’s been broken for a while. All three boys were happy to have a replacement!

NOTE: because I took some pictures outside earlier in the day and then didn’t adjust the flash setting back to normal when I handed the camera off to others to photograph the day for me, many pictures are blurry. Not the fault of the photographers, though…it’s mine.

8 responses to “Jack Henry’s 2nd Birthday Recap

  1. great pics! he is just so adorable! and i love the mouth open bball pics. he looks more and more like a boy, until you get to the very last picture, where he still looks like a baby!!!! 🙂

  2. My favorite picture was the one of the entire family with your age crowns!!!

  3. nicole, i can’t get over how different (more grown up) he looks since i saw him earlier in the summer. he is such a cutie! glad to hear he had such a great birthday.

  4. it looks like he had a great bday!

  5. LOVE the birthday hat picture!!! How is it possible that baby will looks so grown up??? Great pictures. . . Happy (late) bday Jack Henry! 🙂

  6. Yes, he has made a maturity leap if you ask me. Happy Birthday, Jack Henry!

  7. I love, love, love those basketball pics! 🙂

    Happy birthday, big guy.

  8. I, too, love the basketball pics; I never did go down & watch them play. Not only was he adorable all day, but he was SO GOOD, esp considering how tired he started to look by mid-afternoon!

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