Hey “Office” Fans! UPDATED

Tonight’s the night…Jim and Pam are getting married! Why do I feel like I know these people? And could I BE any happier that it’s an hour-long episode?

Anyway, in celebration, here is one of my favorite clips of all time from the show (which is included in this week’s promo for the episode), one that I’ve seen a million times, and still cry when I see it now.

UPDATED TO ADD: thanks to Jan for pointing out that the wedding episode will not air until NEXT Thursday. NBC, stop playing with me, using this promo all week, and in my state of half-paying-attention to commercials, making me think this week was the wedding!


Still totally, totally in love with “Glee“. Anyone?


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4 responses to “Hey “Office” Fans! UPDATED

  1. Weird. That promo says that it will be on 10/8.

    I love that clip too, though.

  2. Jill(thebaglady)

    ok. I love the office… my fav is the fire drill episode, especially the part with the cat falling through the ceiling tiles! Laughing now thinking about it. Can’t wait for the wedding 🙂 (I think they are my friends too)

    You got us hooked on Glee!! We love it!! Although it’s a little far fetched that the jocks are singing & dancing, but HSM did it too right? Loved the Single Ladies part last week. Lucas & Morgan were cracking up during the football game part.

  3. Yeah, excited for the Office. Our DVR threatened to stop working last night and I nearly panicked (because tonight is grocery night and I don’t watch in real-time). PLUS – I tried my best to watch Glee in real time, but missed parts. Still love it.

  4. I LOVE that. Yes, I have goosebumps AND I cried.

    It does tick me off that IRL, Jim is marrying a super-hot chick. That’s wrong. He was supposed to marry me. . . or Pam. . . or someone like me or Pam. . .

    I agree with Jill. Fire drill was my favorite. . . I almost peed myself when the cat came through the ceiling.

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