Subliminal Messages

Er, not. This isn’t exactly subliminal…

Meet my new kitchen decor!

kitchen eat

no, it's not perfectly straight or spaced, but it's close enough (and it looks worse in the picture than it does IRL). also, i put an extra 7 holes in the wall trying to align these correctly. and i was even trying to do the math! sad, really.

What I’ve really wanted to find for a while now are vintage sign letters. But, they are hard to come by. I’ve monitored etsy’s vintage section for a while now for letters big enough to use, and I don’t really have time to drive out into rural Missouri and peruse flea markets, so I just got this set at Kohl’s last night with my extra 30% off.

I’m not giving up on the vintage lettering thing, though…I have a couple more ideas, so I’m going to have to be on the lookout anytime we’re outside the city.

I love how it looks!

11 responses to “Subliminal Messages

  1. Love it!!

  2. me too!!!

  3. I like! And P.S.–My parents are people who do math with hanging stuff. . . I am an eyeballer. . . which is why I had to patch three holes last time I did paint touch-ups!!! 🙂

  4. it looks great!!

  5. Cool idea!!

  6. super cute. think you could come put “don’t eat” in *my* kitchen?? 😉

  7. That is cool! My sign would say “Eat…then clean up after yourself”

  8. I think I might just have to copy this idea, but I will be adding an exclamation point at the end. Love it.

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