Like Father, Like Son

using an old calculator...

using an old calculator...

...just like his dad does on his blackberry. a blackberry just like his dad.

10 responses to “Like Father, Like Son

  1. That is so stinkin’ cute!
    And what a reminder of the influence, and in turn, responsibility we have with those little guys. Hope you all are doing great. We miss everyone out there!

  2. Seriously. I’m getting him a blackberry for christmas

  3. That is too cute! Sean uses an old calculator as a phone too.

  4. Oh! This is so cute!!

  5. Darling how it looks like JH is really concentrating on the screen!

  6. Adorable!

  7. Ok..the boy is adorable…but I love the furniture set up…is the table IKEA too?

    • Yes, Ikea all the way, baby! I think that table was MAYBE $12 when we bought it 7 years ago, and we thought, “Oh well, for $12, if we hate it in a couple of years we’ll replace it!” And there it sits. Honestly, it’s still in pretty good shape despite lots of Matchbox cars leaving their mark.

  8. That is adorable! I love when little ones try to copy their parents.

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