You’ll Never Guess What I Just Did!


*It involves an old, expensive article of clothing. In fact, I believe I only own two pieces of clothing that are older than this one. (and those should be blogged about sometime)

*This is something I’ve been thinking about for about two years now.

*When I bought it, I thought for sure I’d only ever wear it once.

Forgive my lack of creativity this morning in my clues, as I’m sure it’s a dead-giveaway and I’m just so excited: I got out my wedding dress and tried it on!

And it fit. The end.

No, not really.

Our 10-year anniversary is this Friday. TEN YEARS. I just can’t believe it. Not long after Jack Henry was born and I was still in my hormonal, my-body-will-never-be-the-same (and it isn’t), post-delivery state, I started thinking about my wedding dress. How much I loved it (though, obviously, I’d pick something different in 2009), what an incredible day it was, and how I had no daughters who would potentially want to wear it someday. That idea was a stretch anyway, but, hey, it happens sometimes, right?

So, I started thinking: it would be cool to get it out of the sealed box it’s been living in for the past ten years. Because really, what am I going to do with it besides let it sit in storage? Plus, while I know what I weighed then and now is roughly the same, my proportions have definitely, ahem, changed due to time, nagging bad habits and all that baby-growing I did in a relatively short amount of time. I just wanted to see if it still fit. And, I wanted to see if the hem had gotten clean…our wedding day was a cold, rainy, muddy mess, and the hem of my dress was black by the end of our reception.

I was so excited to get it out of the packaging and see the few things I had sealed with it. It was pristine! Big thank you to Wiedman Cleaners in Effingham; they did a fabulous job!

wedding dress

Ah, relief: it zipped all the way. Since I was using the timer on my camera to take a picture of myself, I didn’t try to get a picture of the back for proof, so my word will have to be enough. And I discovered that I still hated the very small bow on the back; I didn’t like it then, either, but it was for the bustle so I left it.

That said, my middle is definitely thicker. My arms are definitely bigger (and strangely, I seem to have gained armpit fat because it was pretty tight under my arms!). But I’m happy.

And now, I’m left wondering what to do with it. For being a pretty sentimental person, I am feeling remarkably unsentimental about keeping this dress. Honestly, I think I’m going to put it on craigslist…I can’t imagine that anyone would want a ten-year-old dress, but hey, you never know. And I have a much better souvenir than a dress to show for that day: a happy, ten-year-old marriage.

21 responses to “You’ll Never Guess What I Just Did!

  1. Nicole, you are more beautiful in your dress now than you were in 1999, and I mean that sincerely!! I can’t believe it’s been 10 years, but I continue to thank God for bringing you & Matt together and for giving me the 3 most adorable grandsons in the world!!

    The dress: I wouldn’t get rid of it! You will probaby still be able to wear it in 2024 at your 25th anniv celebration, which I think you should do! (Believe me, I would have done that if I’d been able to fit into mine. I had to settle for Gale putting on her bridesmaid gown!)

    Otherwise, surely you will have a Halloween costume party to wear it to one of these years–that would be a hoot!

  2. I agree wtih Jo! You look great….10 years and 3 kids later and the dress still looks awesome on you!

    And, I don’t think you should get rid of it. At your 25th or 40th or 50th wedding anniversary you could get it back out of the box and display it for all of your friends to see. That’s just my opinion though.

  3. Congrats on getting in! I have my dress under my bed in a storage container – i did not have it cleaned or boxed because I figured why spend the money on something that most likely will not be worn again! Plus I had heard that sometimes the boxing can cause them to yellow faster?!?! No idea if that is true or not. My mom put my dress in a bathtub full of tide and let it soak a day and then rinsed it all out and most of the stains on the bottom came out – miracle – our dance floor was horrendous that night!!
    Anyway I got mine out this summer – but did not try it on – Abby and Katie had a ball just looking at it and wearing my veil around – which is 12 foot long – so was quickly put back before it was destroyed!

    I agree with Nana Jo – don’t get rid of it – someday you may have a granddaughter that would like to play dress up in it if nothing else!
    Also – my mom got her wedding dress out when her first grandchild was born and made a baptism gown out of her dress. All 16 of her grandchildren have worn the gown…. something to think about! šŸ™‚

  4. I love this post!! You look awesome!! Sadly, I wouldn’t dare try mine on even just 3 years after my wedding! Ha! How fun, and definitely keep it!!

  5. Oh….I like the baptism gown idea!!

  6. (Dolores Wolter’s college friend). I’ve heard that there is a place for unwanted wedding dresses for people to leave for girls who don”t have money to buy a dress. I’m not sure how to get in touch with them, but if you don’t need the money you might try and get in touch. The Today Show had a segment on this a time ago.

  7. Don’t get rid of it! There are things your boys could do with it someday. They could use pieces of it to make a ring bearer pillow – or to decorate a table or, I don’t know…something. You really should hang on to it. You never know how it might come into use down the road.

    And congratulations for fitting – you’re a brave girl for even trying.

  8. a few things:

    1) you look amazing in the dress.

    2) congrats on it still fitting and you feeling good about how it fit (even if it was different than 10 years ago)…it’s the confidence thing :).

    3) i can’t take credit for this idea because my sister was the one that informed me of it but i think it is a really cool idea if you have no sentimental relationship with your dress. find a photographer that knows you and trusts you (ie sonya) and have her do a really fun journalistic photo session with you doing every day things in your dress like making the kids lunch or cleaning the house or planting flowers. you can even go to the extreme and trash the dress…here is a good example…–wedding-photo-contest

    i think this is a really cool idea to show that you can still fit in your dress and that a dress, just like a marriage, is not meant to be put in a box untouched but rather lived in, sometimes messy but always fun.

    i have a ton of cool ideas for this and hope to do it one day too.

  9. These ideas are so cool, and have made me change my mind from wishy washy to – you should keep it. I love the ring bearer pillow, baptismal gown and other ideas. I just think you can always find room for it, and will never be able to buy it back.

  10. And, yes, I’m WAY impressed by the fit! You were a beautiful bride and are now a beautiful wife & mother.

  11. Very impressed Nicole! I’ve thought often about getting mine back out, especially with my sister just getting married and my brother doing it next year. You look AMAZING!

    I’m with everyone else. DO NOT get rid of the dress. I love ALL the ideas….the baptismal gown, ring bearer pillow, Jamie’s photo idea, everything….I definitely think you should hang onto it. My grandma had hers out for their last BIG anniversary where we all got together. It was fun to look at.

    Congrats again for being so brave! Maybe it’ll inspire me….

    Happy 10 years tomorrow. I’ll never forget your anniversary šŸ™‚ You and Matt were Kirk and I’s angels bringing us together! Love ya!

  12. you look great in your dress! mine is somewhere in my old closet at my parents’ house (i think).

  13. you look fabulous, nic!!!! i think you should keep it, and i like some of the ideas on here!!! unless in the future you meet someone special who is struggling financially, in need of a donated wedding dress–i always thought that would be amazing to do for someone on such a momentous day for them.

  14. Congrats on your special day tomorrow, I’m afraid our card might be late! What a fun post for the occasion. Wedding dresses are kind of a pain to store long term, but it would be really neat to display it, if not worn, on your 50th anniversary! You will be surprised how the years will fly by.

  15. WOW, I am so amazed!! I want to open my box so badly now!!! And my gosh what awesome ideas!!! Keep it!! You just have too!! And happy Anniversary!!

  16. Nicole, You need to keep the dress!!! In 2020 you may want to try it on again. šŸ™‚ Definitely keep it. Don’t sell it. It’s a tangible memory.

  17. So…..I’m going to be the only one to comment on the armpit fat….LOL! Seriously, where does this stuff come from and why does it land in such random places?!?!?! šŸ™‚ BUT Agreed….You look amazing! (And your hair 2009 probably looks a TON better than wedding day hair šŸ™‚ )

  18. You look gorgeous!! I wish I could have seen you on your wedding day. I think you should keep it. Doesn’t it creep you out a little bit to think about someone ELSE wearing it?? It creeps ME out, and it’s not even mine! Save it for…something. Like Karen said, there will always be room for it. It’s just a box.

    Another idea, which may or may not be creepy to you: My friend, Amy, and her husband, Kevin, celebrate not only their wedding anniversary, but pay homage to the wedding itself every single year (for 15 years now). They get rid of the kids for the night, she puts on her gown, he puts on a suit, they dance to their wedding song and they re-commit to each other as they did on that day. It’s such a sweet, simple thing. It makes me tear up just typing it. You should totally do that tonight after the boys are in bed. I bet Matt would love it. šŸ™‚

  19. I love all the ideas for re-purposing the gown as well. Can you imagine Luke’s wedding day, with the ring-bearer’s pillow made from your dress? Or Bennett’s first child being baptized in what is essentially your wedding gown? Yeesh…now I’m REALLY crying!!

  20. So I JUST had this conversation about my wedding dress with several friends, and it’s not the first time I’ve tried to figure the whole “keep or not” thing. So your post and comments have made me say – keep it. We’re celebrating our 9th next month. I tried it on when my mom brought it over last month….brought back some absolutely wonderful memories!! And even more fun – it still zipped! So keep it it is for me. Thanks for helping!

  21. YAY! Good for you. And don’t sell it – do something fun with it… Maybe 4 years ago, we had a big wedding party where we invited all of our friends from church and around town – who were married – to come to a party where we ALL wore our wedding dresses again! It was a blast. I have mine hanging in my closet, and although I don’t remember the last time I put it on, I might just have to take it out tomorrow and try it on again – and also let my girls try it on! (Sorry, your boys probably wouldn’t get a kick out of that….) šŸ™‚

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