(almost) Wordless Wednesday: Footed Pajamas

Sigh. This is the last year for footed pajamas in our house (I don’t like to put them on kids who are potty trained; not that Bennett would have ever worn them past 2 anyway). Jack Henry wore his first pair of the season last night and looked so cute and cozy!

jh footy pjs 1

jh footy pjs 2

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8 responses to “(almost) Wordless Wednesday: Footed Pajamas

  1. I love footed PJ’s! Your lil guy is so adorable!

  2. There is something absolutely snuggly and irresistible about footed pajamas. True in those pictures for sure!

  3. i love footed p.j.’s
    we broke ours out last weekl

  4. I love footie pajamas, except have you noticed that their little feet stink in the morning? Ew! πŸ™‚

  5. I love his footie pjs! And the matching bedhead! πŸ™‚

  6. Oh how I love footed PJ’s…especially when they are young b/c they don’t tend to keep blankets on (at least mine don’t). However, Kenzie HATES them. Sigh. She doesn’t even like to have socks on so I guess her tootsies are going to freeze this winter. ……she pulls and pulls on her socks/footed PJ’s until I finally get tired of hearing it and pull them off. Ugh.

    OK, off my soap box. Jack Henry is adorable!!

  7. Oh, this brings back memories!

  8. I love footies and don’t care that it’s an ordeal getting Eden undressed from them when she needs to go potty. After all, she’s supposed to go potty before putting them on at night, and shouldn’t get out of bed to go again til morning, right? πŸ™‚

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