While I’ve mentioned here and there several times that Jack Henry is speech delayed, I’ve never given the subject its own blog post. Because I finally have a bit of progress to share, today’s the day!

But first, how cute is he?

jh dog shirt 1

jh dog shirt 2

Last week, he had his second Parents as Teachers visit where the early childhood speech pathologist (SLP) came with our regular Parent Educator (Parents as Teachers is a state-funded program for children birth to 5; all of our kids have been in it and it’s a great resource for parents). Because I have been aware for a long time that Jack Henry’s speech and language production were significantly behind where his brothers were at this point (and because of my background*), I’ve pushed for whatever intervention we can get. He can’t officially qualify for support services until 3, but having the SLP come and give her advice has been really helpful. And obviously, we hope he catches up enough that he doesn’t need services at age 3, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.

I’ve noticed progress since last spring when she first visited. While he’s no where near age-appropriate, he’s starting to repeat lots of sounds and words that actually sound like a decent approximation. And in the last week or so, he’s starting to use a few words completely on his own, which is so exciting! He’s saying some names (Mom, Dad, Hayley, Papa, Nana, Luke, Bennett, Jack, Heidi – any bride is you!), hi, bye, dog, poop (I know, but hey, it’s an important word when you’re 2), eat, uh oh, cheese, Elle (after watching this hilarious video multiple times), pizza, hoop, ball, apple, juice…there are more, but I can’t remember right now.

Here’s a quick video of him saying dog (gog) and eat…he doesn’t cooperate on “cheese” but that’s ok. I’ve heard it several times and you’d know what he was saying if you heard him. Seriously, nothing makes me happier than the sound of his little voice right now, knowing how long we’ve been working on this.

*I have a degree in early childhood development, as well as experience working with a child with delays and his SLP

14 responses to “Speech

  1. i love that kid!! yay, jack!!

    i hate to play match maker at such a young age…but Paisley & Jack Henry…I mean seriously!!!

  2. that was great!
    luke’s speech was a little delayed too but he’s caught up now.

  3. Go, Jack!! Those are very clear words!

  4. Way to go Jack! Love hearing him talk….so cute!

  5. I’m impressed! This is such a leap from where he was such a short time ago! “Gog” and “eat” were very clear! Like you, I just love hearing his voice! He’s adorable–ADORABLE!

  6. Katie is laughing her little fool head off at the video!
    And now saying cheese cheese ….. 🙂

  7. yeaaaah jack! good for him. i doubt you will need any support services at 3.

    ps…i love parents as teachers. like you said it’s a fabulous resource.

  8. Oh the irony! I just e-mailed my sister Jamie (SLP) with the short list of words that Cole has and asked what I could be doing. The idea of “catching up” is funny because if that were to happen, it seems like he would have to be spouting out new words daily. Not likely. Anyway, JH is adorable and will so get there at that rate!

  9. ugh, i’m annoyed with my computer that the link to the video is broken or something and won’t appear! he’s super cute in the pictures, though, and i LOVE that he equates me with brides 🙂 too cute!

  10. Super cute!! My gosh those words are clear!! Bravo!!!

  11. Very good. Just an FYI. Sloan had only a handful of words at 2 and by 2.5 we couldn’t shut him up. Tia – well, she didn’t start discernably talking until she was almost 3 but that was due to the ear wax issues. Landon is actually a huge overacheiver compared to his brother and sister. For 22 months, he is speaking WAY more than either of them did.

    All that to say – unless there are hearing issues, he’s probably just going to talk off and start talking in sentences one day. 🙂

  12. Hey lady! What a cutie he is! Their little voices are so priceless! I still love the occasional mispronunciations Cooper does. But JH spoke and annunciated (sp? it’s too late for me to think) so clearly! Way to go buddy!

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