Because the Beginning of “Finding Nemo” Is Kinda Scary.

the arm of protection was bennett's idea.

the arm of protection was bennett's idea.

It’s a sick day here today…after feeling like we’d dodged a bullet when Bennett’s fever lasted less than 8 hours and produced no other symptoms (Tuesday night to Wednesday morning), Luke woke up at 5:45 today feeling warm and coughing a little. Not good.

16 responses to “Because the Beginning of “Finding Nemo” Is Kinda Scary.

  1. That is adorable picture
    Good Luck with Luke and the others!
    (fevers running rampant at the sitters – hoping we dodge the bullet!)

  2. Bennett has such a tender heart! Very cute.

    There are some weirdo viruses going around. I’ll pray this one is short-lived.

  3. what sweet brothers. i hope luke feels better – i swear that everyone and their brother has been sick lately.

  4. Too cute. I hope you all are well soon.

  5. Adorable picture! I too have been sick. I think it’s just a cold, but it’s lasted a lot longer than usual. Hope the boys are feeling well soon!

  6. This picture is adorable!

  7. Such a cute pic! Love that Bennett is watching out for his baby brother.

    I SO hope Luke is feeling better soon. I’m so sorry he isn’t feeling well. I’ll keep praying for you guys….

  8. Yikes, I think we have the same thing going on over here in the Montgomery house. Claire woke up this morning with 100 degree fever and a cough that she has had for a few days now. Hope she bounces back as fast as Bennett did.
    I love the boys sitting in their chairs watching Nemo, my girls have a Elmo chair and Princess chair that they do the same thing in. 🙂

  9. So glad Bennett’s fever didn’t develop into anything, so I sure hope Luke’s doesn’t either, not just for him but for everyone else’s sake. It’s unbelievable how these viruses have everyone on edge and (hopefully) being super vigilant.

    That pic is SO Bennett–what a sweetheart!

  10. Too cute to be sick 😦 I hope he’s feeling better soon!

  11. THAT is a cute pic.

  12. So sweet!

  13. what a sweetie! jack henry looks so old from behind in this pic!!!

  14. This is one they will really enjoy seeing in 20 years….
    Great moment!

  15. 🙂 I love it. Hope Luke gets to feeling better soon, if you need anything let me know!

  16. That reminds me of the pic of me and my sis when we were little in front of the TV. 🙂 Adorable. I, too, used the arm of protection. 🙂

    So sorry to hear it’s been a rough week. . . just catching up on all the blogging I missed. . .

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