What H1N1 Looks Like

(borrowing that title, unfortunately, from Robin, who has already been through what I’m just starting!)

Yep. Luke’s got it.

L h1n1

I just got an email from his teacher saying that more than half of the kids in his class are home sick today. Not surprising after Luke came home from school on Tuesday and told me that FOUR kids had gone home with fevers Monday and Tuesday. And, I knew that one had already tested positive for H1N1, so I figured that’s what we were dealing with. It was confirmed this morning by a swab at the pediatrician’s office.

So I guess this clears me of my mommy guilt for deciding not to vaccinate them against H1N1…it wouldn’t have mattered anyway. Only Luke was eligible to get it on Monday at school if we’d chosen to, and it takes another 10 days for it to be effective. I have no idea when it would have been available for the other kiddos.

Yesterday morning he woke up before 6 with a low-grade fever, a slightly sore throat and runny nose and cough. He stayed on Motrin all day and really acted pretty normal. Last night wasn’t great, though, as the fever was causing some symptoms similar to the night terrors he experienced last spring. It’s scary, as a parent, when you know that it’s fever-induced behavior. Neither of us slept much last night (and I’m sure Matt didn’t either, as Luke is camped out in our room). His fever was 102.8 before Motrin this morning, which the doc said is primarily the range they’re seeing, though there are a few outliers.

I know people are divided on this, but we’re going to do Tamiflu for all of the boys. Luke’s was caught in plenty of time so it should shorten his symptoms. The two younger boys will go on the prophylactic dose in hopes of avoiding them catching it. I’m on the fence…I’m just starting a cold, so if this progresses any more today, I’m calling my doc for a prescription, too.

Hope you all have a safe, healthy weekend! Keep us in your prayers…I’d love if it just didn’t get worse than this.

16 responses to “What H1N1 Looks Like

  1. OhNO!
    well hope this is the worst of it and he recovers soon and the rest of you are able to avoid it!
    Good Luck!

  2. poor guy. i hope it doesn’t spread to the rest of you.

  3. I’m so sorry. That just stinks. It’s a nasty thing. I heard that there were 15 kids out with confirmed cases in Sloan’s school today. So far only a handful were in the kindergarten classes. I kind of feel like this is a ticking time bomb and I just want him to get it so we can get this over with. We decided not to vaccinate for this very reason. I just don’t think it’s going to matter if people vaccinate or not. This thing is a beast! Hope Luke gets to feeling better fast. I’m glad you caught this so early.

  4. ugh. no fun! i hope luke’s symptoms stay mild and that tamiflu will kick it in the butt. like many people have said i think that millions of children will have already been exposed to the virus before the vaccine is even available in their area. keep us updated on how it goes.

  5. Poor Luke!! Definitely praying for your whole family!! It’s also reached the school where I teach, so I’m super sensitive about getting too close to anyone!!

  6. Wow. I’m definitely praying that’s the worst it gets – and that it’s the worst of all illness this season. Done by October – not that bad! I would do Tamiflu. In a heartbeat, though I haven’t talked to Rich about it yet.

  7. poor luke and all his school friends!!!! i hope the tamiflu helps you all!!! H1N1 is all over chicago, too. 😦 now that i’m back working in schools a few days a week, i am neurotic about washing my hands and not touching anything!

  8. Sorry to hear that Luke isn’t feeling well that’s the pits. I thought Claire was coming down with it but she is doing much better today and her fever has broken. Hopefully we will see you and Bennett at school on Monday!

  9. Oh, poor little guy. I’m so sorry that he isn’t feeling well. Hope that the rest of you stay healthy.

  10. Jill(thebaglady)

    That really stinks! My kids all got vaccinated for it yesterday. (The health dpt was only doing kids, pregnant women & medical professionals) I pray they don’t catch it before it is effective! Knock on wood, our schools haven’t been effected w/H1N1 …yet.

  11. I’m praying for your whole family. That pic of Luke is just so sad!

  12. Like I said on facebook, so sorry to hear this Nicole. I agree with Jan – that pic of Luke is so sad! You should definitely feel lucky that your dr gave all the boys tamiflu….I wish they would have given it to Andrew. Hope he feels better soon!

  13. Sorry you’re going through this. I’ve had my grandchildren most of this week with strep and fever, no flu as yet. Their elementary school of 216 children had 103 absent Friday, 5 confirmed Swine Flu. We’re just starting to see Swine Flu here in RI but it’s starting to spread by leaps and bounds. Hope the rest of you escape it. Love and prayers.

  14. Ugh. THat stinks. A good portion of the schools around here were closed for a lot of last week. And many of them don’t re-open until Wednesday. I almost feel like it’s inevitable.

  15. Maybe we should start having H1N1 parties like they have chickenpox parties. That way we can get it over with and guarantee we won’t have it over the holidays.
    (kidding of course)

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