This is the Pits.

As of 15 minutes ago, there are now three of us with the flu in this house. In addition to Luke (Friday) and me (today), I noticed that Bennett was looking feverish right before bed. And sure enough, he was.

I started feeling really crummy this morning, and my cold symptoms quickly deteriorated to include body aches and a low-grade fever, so the Walgreens Take Care Clinic and I got acquainted with each other this afternoon and I got myself a Tamiflu prescription, too (maybe someday I’ll blog about that experience). We’ve now given Walgreens the equivalent of a car payment over the past 24 hours for Tamiflu (I had to use them because we needed a compounding pharmacy yesterday; the boys’ medicine had to be made from the adult capsules, as pharmacies are out of the syrup for kids). Not joking on the car payment thing…we’re testing our health insurance company’s reimbursement plan for medication since we’ve met our deductible this year and I am sincerely hoping it works. That is one check I will be very happy to get!

In addition to a nose that runs like a faucet and sneezes more powerful than I’ve ever experienced, I’m mainly just weak and tired, and hoping to sleep all night. That is, after my dinner that my love is picking up for me at JJTwigs…after reading on Facebook yesterday that Angela had fried pickles for lunch, they’re all I can think about. I’m ravenously hungry this evening…what’s that old wives tale about feeding a fever/starving a cold? Or is it the other way around? Doesn’t matter. Time to eat.

8 responses to “This is the Pits.

  1. Oh…I know how you feel, and it isn’t fun. Praying that you get your energy back soon, and the others don’t get it!

  2. on no…i was hoping it wouldn’t spread. feel better soon.

  3. Just home from Chicago. The pic of Luke yest was so pitiful . . . let’s not go for a family photo of “What H1N1 Looks Like” OK? I’ve read everybody’s comments from yest & today, and this mess just sounds so rampant. I don’t know how Matt & Jack Henry can possibly escape it, but I’m still praying that they do and that you, L, & B aren’t down & out very long.

    It doesn’t seem to be horribly prevalent here in the E’ham schools yet that I know of. Some EHSers out sick but not in droves–and no teachers. I know it’s just a matter of time.

  4. Sorry to hear that you and Bennett are under the weather now too. Claire is finally over the worst of it and on the mends. She too had the runny nose, sneezes and fever. If it makes you feel any better she was fever free after 3 days. Hope Bennett is better for the Halloween party, the other moms and I have been working hard on it and I think they are really going to have a fun time!

  5. Oh no!!! I’m soo sorry. I hope its kind to you and the fevers don’t rise too high! I’m praying for fast relief!

  6. Ugh. Didn’t want to read this one. I sincerely hope you guys get over it fast and that it stops there.

  7. I haven’t been here in a couple of days.

    We had the swine in the spring and Tamiflu saved us! It really does shorten the symptoms and when I took it at the first sign of my symptoms, I was only really “down” for a day a half.

    I hope you all feel better.

  8. Last year when we all had the flu and we found out how much Tamiflu cost, Lee and I decided not to get it for ourselves. Probably not the smartest decision we’ve ever made, but really, that’s a lot of moola for medicine! I hope you’re feeling better now that you’ve had fried pickles. I’m absolutely certain that’s as good as any prescription medicine you could ever receive!

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