What I’ve Learned So Far

About the flu, I mean. Not life in general.

1. The fever seems to come and go a lot, especially with the kids. Luke has now twice gone 12+ and later, 24+ hours without a fever only to have it return. Very frustrating. This is obviously one way that makes this virus easy to spread…you think they’re better but they’re not.

2. For me, at least, the body aches were the worst part of all of this. The really bad cold-type symptoms only lasted 36 hours or so, and now I just feel like I have the remnants of a bad cold and slightly sore throat.

3. If you can afford it and it’s available in your area, absolutely get Tamiflu. I am certain that it’s made a world of difference in the severity of our symptoms. Especially Bennett, who had already had two of the prevention doses when his actual symptoms started; he’s been the mildest of the three of us, which is good because of his croupy sounding cough and my fear that his stridor breathing would get worse and need attention. So far, so good.

4. Everyone will be OK even if they’ve watched countless hours of mindless television and eaten bad food for days on end. I’m going to have to deprogram them when this is all over.

5. My husband has claimed super immunity to this strain of flu for some reason. I hope he’s right. Especially since he’s the only family member who can stop for pizza on the way home and pick up some milk at the convenience store!


I just realized that I missed my second blogging anniversary in the midst of all this sickness. Anyway, thank you so much for reading what I write! 🙂

11 responses to “What I’ve Learned So Far

  1. Sounds like you guys are doing okay and getting better! Glad to hear it!

  2. Glad to hear things are getting better !!!

  3. i think this is pretty good news, relatively! and happy blog anniversary! it is a highlight of my day 🙂

  4. happy blogiversary!

    the more i read what the symptoms of swine flu have looked like, the more i am beginning to think that adali’s second virus was indeed the swine flu. her fever came and went for nearly a week. and i think you are correct…this is a big reason why it keeps spreading so much is that people think their kids are fine after 24 hours with no fever only to still be fighting the virus.

    glad to hear that everyone seems to have survived the past few days.

  5. Happy blog anniversary! Even though I’ve only been following it a short time I really have enjoyed it. Cant wait to see what you blog about in the coming year. Glad to hear you are all feeling somewhat better.

  6. I’m so glad to hear that Bennett’s breathing didn’t get worse; that had me worried. It sounds like all of you are plodding along, slowly working through it. I am still hoping that Matt & JH escape it altogether.

    I subbed today & just cringed every time someone coughed or sneezed. I will say that the students are good about constantly using hand sanitizer & not coughing, etc., out into the air.

    I love your blog–I need my daily dose and really miss it when I’m gone & don’t have access to a computer!

  7. Bless your heart!! I’ve been praying for you guys! I’m sooo glad that tamaflu helped you guys!

  8. We survived H1N1 as well about two weeks back. And it was a rough road, but not all that much worse than a typical cold virus. It hit my little guy, 11 months, the worst and he did have a really high fever with some respiratory.

    I’m curious how your entire family was able to get Tamiflu. Our doctor only prescribed for my son, under 1, and me, due to an existing health condition. However, my three year old was out of luck, due to our peds saying she didn’t meet the age requirements.

    Good luck. Hope things get better soon.

    • Well, the boys got the Tamiflu rx from their ped when my oldest tested positive…since the likelihood of the younger two getting it was so high, she was willing to write the prophylactic dose for them. I went to the Walgreens Take Care clinic and was treated there and given a script. Not sure what we’ll do if my husband gets it…he doesn’t see a dr. regularly, so we’ll see.

  9. Thanks Nicole. That’s awesome that your ped gave your boys a prescription. Now I’m a little aggravated with ours as my three year old is still hacking a lung right now. Heh.

  10. I thought of you guys this morning when I was seeing how many schools in our area are closed because of the flu. I’m praying for your health (and your sanity).

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