Big Day!

We discovered Luke’s first loose tooth several months ago…probably in early spring. It got pretty wiggly in June, and Matt and I predicted it would be out by the 4th of July.

Fast forward to one week ago, when the tooth was still. in. his. mouth. And while it had gotten much looser, and Luke was ready to join the club that almost all (if not all) of his first grade classmates were in, it wasn’t ready to come out.

Over the last several days it got really loose; like gross-loose, where it almost lays down. And his permanent tooth finally started coming in behind it, so we knew it couldn’t be much longer.

On Tuesday after school, the boys were all playing downstairs and there was some kind of minor scuffle, and it resulted in both boys running upstairs to excitedly tell me that Bennett had almost knocked Luke’s tooth out. I looked in his mouth and it was bleeding a little and hanging by a thread (ICK. I can’t explain how much this grosses me out). I told him to go to the bathroom and pull it, but he wanted me to (quick prayer on the way back to the bathroom that I wouldn’t faint) and I got it! Bennett swore he was never going to lose a tooth because it was gross and bleeding. Luke was all smiles!

I went back and looked at Luke’s baby calendar that I kept, and I realized that the first tooth he lost was the first one he ever had. The week of May 25, 2003 is filled with notes about how he was sick and SO crabby, which was very unlike him, and it ends with this note on May 31: “1st tooth! Bottom right front. No wonder he’s been so fussy.” If I checked Bennett’s calendar, there would be some information like “Bennett got four teeth this month.” If I checked Jack Henry’s calendar, it would be blank, with a big note scrawled over the whole month that says, “Go read the blog.”

Anyway, the tooth fairy came, and brought a $2 bill, because that’s what his friend Jackson got from the tooth fairy for his first tooth (and Luke was with Jackson when he lost his first tooth, which is probably why he didn’t wiggle his much for months…he saw Jackson’s bleed, and thought it had to hurt!).

Here he is!

luke missing tooth

tooth fairy note

12 responses to “Big Day!

  1. Too funny!!! My post is about lossing teeth too!!! The whole tooth hanging by a string thing…..NASTY – Totally been there and I almost pass out too!!!

  2. Paige asked to keep her tooth too! (Word to the wise – if kept, be sure to clean it reeeeal good in alcohol or it starts to smell like dead animal). Anyway, that is super exciting and I cracked up at the baby book notation regarding the 3rd child. πŸ™‚

    • My friend Jan mentioned putting it in hydrogen peroxide, which I did – thanks for mentioning that that’s important! It’s now “safely” tucked away in a little container in his room that I fear will be opened and then I’ll be vacuuming up a tooth unknowingly.

  3. This is so cute, and I love his note!! Back in the day, I had a tooth removed at the dentist and requested to keep it. It sat in a little container in my room for years, and I always thought it was so cool! Anyway, congrats Luke!

  4. i have to be honest, loose teeth kind of freak me out. i’m not looking forward to when kenny loses his first some time in the next year (i would guess).

  5. LOVE the note! I remember doing the same thing when I was little!

  6. That note is awesome!

    I can’t believe he kept that wiggly tooth in his mouth for so long!!! Hopefully he won’t be so worried about the next one and it will proceed more quickly.

  7. whoa! total inflation–$2!!! wow πŸ™‚ um, totally laughed out loud at your comments about getting faint/sick. i would have told JH to pull it before i did… that stuff makes me SICK! “thread” ugh….. anyway, congrats luke! hope the tooth fairy didn’t wake your slumber πŸ™‚

  8. I can handle poop and spit up. I can handle them getting shots. I can deal with all of the grossness boys bring to the table (literally and figuratively). I can’t (CANNOT) stomach loose teeth. I was cringing just reading about it. Kyle’s gonna have to handle that . . .

  9. Jill(thebaglady)

    I must be weird. Loose teeth or pulling teeth don’t bother me one bit. I am always the one to pull them out… until recently Morgan started pulling her own!

    Love the note!!

  10. I remember losing my 1st tooth. (I know–shocking–I hardly remember this kind of stuff about my kids!) Anyway, I had a little ceramic bunny’s face that lay flat (I think it was supposed to be a ring holder), and my mom had me leave my tooth on it for the tooth fairy. When I woke up, there were 2 dimes–1 on each big ear! I was THRILLED!

  11. Jackson thinks it’s so cool that you mentioned him in your blog! That’s the same tooth Jackson lost the first go around.
    Love those close up shots of the teeth! Hope it wasn’t too gory for you all.

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