Trick or Treat! The 2009 Edition.

What a fun night! Halloween* has become one of the nights of the year I most look forward to with our kids…it’s just such a fun evening for all of us, and we get to enjoy it with neighbors and my family, too.

The night started off like this:

jh sad yoda

he HATED his costume off and on for the first hour or so of wearing it. see the candy in his hands? bribery, folks.

But it got much, much better.

star wars halloween


darth vader

there was an epic battle of good and evil on the front lawn before trick-or-treating commenced!

We had pizza with our neighbors, the Ebers family, and 3 other neighbor families, and then went trick-or-treating. Our family took off a few minutes after our friends, though we did cross paths with them later in the evening, where we were able to offer them something from the adults’ trick-or-treat stash:


i was so excited about my big idea! our neighborhood is the best for TOT...the adults have a drink or two while the kids load up on the candy. it was easier to transport and share this way!

Check out this adorable baby skunk:

will skunk

will's so cute! i think it's fun that he and bennett are the two that have worn this, since it seems that they have a special bond already.

Jack Henry totally figured the whole go-to-the-door-say-trick-or-treat-grab-some-candy-say-thank-you thing. While the other boys ran ahead of him at every house, he and I would make our way up to the door, too, and he always had a piece of wrapped candy in his hand. If he got something at a house that he considered better than what he was holding, he’d swap it out and put the other candy in his bag. A couple of times he took something from a bowl and then put whatever was in his hand back in their bowl! He walked almost the whole evening, and crashed when I finally got him to bed.

I almost forgot to mention: Matt and I actually started thinking of costumes last night (yes, we’re totally on the ball) and if we’d been able to locate a pig snout at the costume store, he would have gone as swine flu and I would have gone as a doctor or a nurse (if a decent nurse costume exists; I didn’t want to be a slutty nurse) with a nametag that said “Tami Flu.” Wouldn’t that have been fun? But no.

The older boys collected tons of loot, and came home happy and tired. We didn’t even have time to “sort” through the candy tonight! Luke wasn’t feeling great; I’m really hoping that it’s just some fall allergies. He hasn’t had any trouble since last spring, but after playing in the leaves today his eyes were red and watery again, and then after being out all evening, he looked worse and felt a touch warm. Temp is 98.9…I cannot even think about dealing with sickness again already.

*If you don’t celebrate Halloween because you are a Christian and don’t like it’s “pagan” origins, I encourage you to read Kelli’s post about Halloween; I think you’ll be surprised.

14 responses to “Trick or Treat! The 2009 Edition.

  1. Once Jack Henry got with it, this had to be SUCH a fun night! That porch picture is THE BEST!

    Why didn’t WE ever think of the little aqua wagon approach to trick or treating w/ our kids??

    I’ll bet Luke was just reacting to the gunky leaves . . . sure hope . . .

  2. P.S. Kelli’s post was very good–while I knew about the original meaning of the word “Halloween,” I didn’t know the actual history of why it was originally celebrated–or how it evolved into trick or treating.

  3. this is the only oct. 31 I can remember in which I wished that I didn’t oserve Halloween. Around us, every house was decorated to be super creepy. Even at trunk or treat, we had to take jack’s candy for him 75% of the time because it was so scary. And don’t even get me started on the scantily clad girls walking around. And it was 40 degrees! At a certain age. I feel like i going to need to blindfold Jack to go trick or treating. So frustrating.

    I love the swine flu / Tami flu costume ideas!

  4. The boys costumes are Great!!!
    Love the wagon idea for the adults too – too cool!
    The one disadvantage of living in the country – there is no walking the streets for halloween – we have to drive everywhere – which means in and out of the car seats all evening long and it takes 2 nights to hit 8 houses – oh well – the girls don’t know the other kind of trick or treating exists – so they are okay with it!

  5. I’m glad Jack got over his dislike of the costume because that 2nd pic is beyond great! ๐Ÿ˜€ I hope Luke recovers from his illness/allergy very quickly. Poor guy. Poor mom.

  6. Perfect pictures!! The boys look awesome, and I bet they had a blast! Adults too. ๐Ÿ™‚ Can I live in your neighborhood? We bought a ton of candy and had like 5 trick-or-treaters all night.

  7. too cute! love the porch pic, too! i’m sure the boys are sad that halloween is over! i’m sad that you didn’t think of swine/tami flu earlier–that could have won an award!!! i loved trick-or-treating around park hills–everyone had their light on and gave out good treats! oh, did you seen any “balloon boy” costumes? (the little kid in the flying “hot air” balloon)

  8. The boys look adorable – what a fun themed night for them. And the cooler on wheels a.k.a. the “beer-wagon” is an excellent idea. Some of our neighbors were giving the parents adult treats as well, Octoberfest beer, jello shots – it’s fun for the parents too. And that’s what the night is about – having fun. Mission accomplished.

  9. I had a blast last night ๐Ÿ™‚ I love how it’s always more like a Halloween Party with the adults too. You can tell everyone in the neighborhood really enjoys either getting together for a block party or just sitting with a few friends. I think it’s awesome the way it’s done around your neighborhood and have had so much fun the past 2 years!
    Hope Luke is feeling better this morning!

  10. Like your “flu” costume ideas. I was going to go as something that is truly scary, the 1900 page health care bill, but couldn’t find enough paper (also, thought it might be too politically polarizing). But our boys had a great time going as puppy dogs and a fireman…

  11. i love the costumes, especially the yoda one.
    we had one neighbor that gave out roses to the moms last night but no one had beer. now that would have been a great treat.

  12. Love the beer idea. That’s nothing short of brilliant. We love the hang out time with our neighbors as well. Trick or treating usually ends up with all of us camped out in someone’s driveway around a fire pit holding marshmellows in our hand. Yum!

  13. Nicole – LOVE the pic of the three kids. Wish I would have thought to do something like that with my star wars clan. Maybe they’ll have to get in costume again, heehee.

    Also, love the pic of the wagon! We all leave the house with a cup of adult drinks, but I’ll have to remember this for next year!!

  14. The pic of the 3 boys is awesome! Totally capturing the Star Wars theme with that one…

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