First of all, addendum to yesterday’s post:
-I regularly forget Luke’s snack on Tuesdays since I don’t pack him a lunch on that day. Yep, it happened today.
-I did not get mooned today. Yay for me.

Friday was not my best performance as a mom. Yes, we were just coming off some major sickness in the house, so my routine was thrown off, but still. No excuse.

Of course, Friday was Halloween parade/party day at both Bennett’s preschool and Luke’s school. I told Luke I would take him to school that day since he was bringing his costume (and since Nana Jo was visiting, too! The boys like when she’s with me for drop off/pick up), so we needed to get out the door a few minutes earlier than normal. As Jo was helping kids into the van with all of their stuff, it occurred to me that I was supposed to be sending a decorated paper bag (I’d found out on Wednesday that I needed to do this; had we been in school the week prior, I would have had more warning and it would have gone on my calendar) along with Bennett for all of his party treats. AAACKK! My mind was racing…what could I possibly put together in 14 seconds?

And that’s when my friend Karen unknowingly saved the day.

On Wednesday we were talking on the phone about doing projects with kids, and I was feeling like a slacker, so I did a little pumpkin drawing project with Bennett on some construction paper. We didn’t really do anything else with it after that, so it lay on the counter until Friday when I frantically taped it to a paper bag and wrote Bennett’s name on top (with the second marker I grabbed, as the first one, of course, was dried up). Mission accomplished.

I dropped Luke off at school and brought Bennett to school, and we stuck around after drop-off for his little Halloween sing-a-long and costume parade. It was really cute, and Nana Jo, Jack Henry and I headed home around 10am.

I noticed right away that Luke had not taken his homework back to school that day, and it was due. Failure #2.

But the biggest fail of the day was yet to come.

Jo and I sat around talking and looking at my BeadforLife jewelry, and at some point, we started talking about food or something, and Jo said something like, “Not a good conversation to have at 11:30 in the morning, when we’re hungry for lunch!” I shrieked, looked at my watch, which read 11:27, and literally RAN out the door. I had totally forgotten to pick up Bennett from school (school day ends at 11:30). Yes, that’s right, I forgot my kid. Now, on Mondays and Wednesdays if I was a few minutes late, it would be no big deal, because there are several classes that all do the carpool line together on those days, and I would have just been at the end of the line. But on Fridays, there are fewer classes, so the line goes really quickly.

I called the school and let them know that I would be a few minutes late, and the secretary was really sweet and said that he would be sitting with her. Honestly, my internal clock was just off, and I know why: I’m used to leaving preschool a little after 9, and then naturally knowing when it’s about time to go get him. However, on Friday, I left the school almost an hour later than normal, and just didn’t adjust my thinking. Talk about humiliating. Luckily, Bennett was not at all concerned (and seemed to not really know what was going on) and I was only five minutes later than the last of the carpool line pickup. But still. FAIL.

Oh, and isn’t it nice that I did all of this in front of my mother-in-law? This would maybe freak some of you out, but fortunately for me, she’s not THAT kind of mother-in-law. If she thought I was failing, she certainly didn’t let on 🙂

I finished off the day (and Jo’s visit with us) by taking entirely too long to prepare a high-fat, mediocre-tasting dinner.

Saturday was a much, much better day.

17 responses to “FAIL

  1. Cracking up! CRACKING up! I just called my sister a couple days ago and said it was, like, really easy to feel like a loser mom with all the things “needed” for school. (I didn’t realize they could bring sleeping bags or pillows on pj day at Will’s school. He told me he thought he remembered the teacher saying that – but I thought he was pulling my leg. Got there. Everyone had sleeping bags or pillows.) Ugh

  2. Nicole,

    This post cracked me up girl! But I’ve gotta tell you that as a mom, I am constantly reminding myself of one BIG thing in life: it’s all about perspective.

    When you said you failed to remember to make a sack for Bennett’s treats, and then MIRACULOUSLY threw together the pumpkin from a previous art project, that wasn’t a fail my friend! To me, that was like “AHA! I AM AWESOME!”. That’s seriously what I would have said about myself as I walked out the door. Not only that but you did it in the allotted time of 14 seconds? Holy Cow! How is that a fail?

    The homework thing is only 1/2 your fault and the forgetting your kid…ok, I’ll give you that one. But lady, all this stuff is just a drop in the bucket of life! I have to tell you that these don’t seem like failures to me, just misses. If you were like this all the time then we’d be saying you need to get your act together…but CLEARLY this is outside the norm!

    You’re a great mom and this was fun to read…cause you are human and all. But we already knew that!

    Hugs to you,

  3. My parents and grandparents forgot me numerous times. . . and I think I’m rather well-adjusted. . . or something. Okay, let’s not use me as an example. 😉

    You KNOW that Jo was not judging. I think we can all see from her comments that she thinks you are amazing. . . AS YOU ARE!

    Don’t beat yourself up. . . we all have those days. I have so many days where I can barely care for myself and get myself places on time. I can’t imagine if I had others to worry about!

  4. Jill(thebaglady)

    Oh, I’ve been there girl!! That’s why I set my alarm to go off on my cell phone everyday…. otherwise I’d forget my kids (again!) And if it’s not on my calendar, it doesn’t happen!

  5. I am LOL at this post, having been there to semi-experience it all! 1) The last-second “decorated” bag looked cute, and no one knew the difference! 2) The forgotten child at school . . . at least you were just a few min. late–and Bennett wasn’t upset. AND as far as your m-i-l being there, you are talking about a mom who FORGOT HER PRE-SCHOOL DAUGHTER AT CHURCH one Sun. evening!!!

  6. If this is your FAIL for the month I think you are doing AWESOME!
    I figure I will forget my kids at least once when they are old enough to be places without me….. I think it is a rite of passage! 🙂

  7. Wow. It took you that long to forget one of your kids at school? I’m impressed. And I’m with Jill…my oven timer is set every single time I have somewhere to be, otherwise there is no way I’d remember!

  8. And thank you for using the word bag instead of sack. Eww.

  9. P.S. And just to clarify–I was AT church, went HOME, and realized I didn’t have her! (Longer story about Ron & I driving separately & not communicating well that night, but the fact still remained that Andrea was left there.)

  10. Nicole,

    I love reading your posts. I wish I could be half the mom you are! I dont consider any part of this failing…. I call it .. mommy brain! Keep up the good work!

  11. Poor you! I cannot tell you how many of those moments I had when Kelly was in school. TOO. MANY. You are very lucky that Nana Jo is (1) not judgmental; and (2) can laugh with you about it. These moments pass and, trust me, you will laugh about it later. Welcome to Motherhood Loserdom. 🙂 TOTALLY kidding.

  12. I can just feel your panic when you realized! My mother-in-law forgot to pick my brother-in-law up from school one day and didn’t realize it until he called her from a friend’s house. I think it happens to everyone at some point . . . I’ll be lucky if I don’t forget once a week or so.

  13. i was cracking up at both your post and the comments! of course it happened in front of your MIL, stuff like that always does! 😉 I’m with Tiff, well done!

  14. That is hilarious! Forgetting to pick up my kids has always been a fear of mine too!! Really though….we all have these moments….and all you can do is laugh! Well and blog so we can laugh too 🙂

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