He Likes to Read. What Can I Say.

I know that someday, I’ll miss picking up all of these books after him. I know that. But I can’t help but be the teensy-tiniest bit annoyed when I see that he’s gotten half the books off the shelf again. He does this multiple times a day some days.

jh books 1

intently reading a book about being a big brother, something he will never be! but it is a cute story.

But he really, really likes books. He likes to be read to, and he likes to look through books on his own, and I love that more than I can possibly articulate. He actually made this mess while I was reading the bigger boys a bedtime story that was over his head. He sat there for 20 minutes, talking to himself and sometimes to us about what he saw on the pages, and it was adorable.

jh books 2

i really think he looks like my dad did as a little boy in this picture! i know everyone thinks he's all diehl, but i can never tell.

11 responses to “He Likes to Read. What Can I Say.

  1. I still clean that mess up all the time! Chris will be 7 after Christmas and still I find him in bed with books he can read and books he certainly can’t yet, all piled up with barely enough room for him in there! Cherish his love of books!

  2. I am very confident (based on my sample set of 2!) that his love of books now will translate to a love of reading later! He’s a doll but I can see where a weary mom would be less than pleased to have to pick them all up AGAIN. 😦

  3. I love, love, love seeing a little boy sitting in a pile of storybooks!!

    (I worked in the nursery at church tonight and did not love picking up a trillion books at the end.)

  4. That is too cute. Kaylee does the same thing, I get tired of picking them up also.

  5. You can never read to them enough as far as I am concerned. I LOVE that he loves to read, and it will likely be something he sticks with. Have you taken him to the library? Kelly loved going when she was his age, and she still loves to read. One of our favorite Sunday afternoon activities in the winter time up until a few years ago was to go to Borders, get giant cups of hot chocolate or coffee, and camp out for a few hours, sampling a bit of everything. Sometimes kids books (even though she was 18), sometimes cookbooks…HEAVEN. 🙂

  6. hey, did you steal our pictures of adali and paste jh’s head on it? adali loves to read too and i love to sit out of sight and listen to her explain to herself what is going on on the pages. but, unlike you, i only clean the books up AFTER she has gone to bed. i have to admit i love when you post about what jack henry is doing because i get excited to see what stage adali may go through next. fun.

  7. Sometimes I think JH looks all Diehl but there are a few pictures that you have posted when he reminds me of Zach. I think it is something about his eyes.
    Love the books! Sean does the same thing but now they are both old enough to pick up after themselves. Lyndsey even organizes hers by subject. She is definately my daughter.

    • a girl after my own heart! i have really organized the bookshelf several times, but will be waiting to do that again until jack henry’s stage passes. the older boys prefer it so that they can find what they’re looking for a little easier.

  8. this could be a picture of luke’s room:)

  9. How could you every get annoyed at that face? Have I ever told you that there are times he and Cole’s faces remind me of each other? Is that crazy? Books rule – just went to the library today for some good ones!

  10. Mitchell was the same way!! He’d dump every book off. But he’d spend hours sitting and looking/reading. Loved those days. Where is my baby?!

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