Out of the Mouths of Babes, Part 18

Luke, to Bennett, who’d just dropped half a banana on the floor: “Well quick pick it up! Three second rule!”


I told Bennett that he was going to the fire station for a field trip with his preschool class. His response? “That is TOTALLY WICKED!” (He got that from “The Incredibles.”)


Luke, explaining why he doesn’t eat much lunch at school. “Here’s the problem. I just talk too much.” (Those of you who are my facebook friends have already seen that one, but it was too funny not to keep record of it here.)


Bennett: “Why are people called humans?”


The boys loved Tropical Sno this summer, and it closed last weekend for the winter, but I’d promised a trip there before it closed. We drive by frequently, and one day, Bennett asked Jack Henry, “Do you want to go to Trockable Sno again buddy?” I texted Matt his mix-up, and Matt wrote back something about how that place really does “trock.”


Luke, in the van on the way to church: “It smells like Sunday morning in here.” It’s a combination of my perfume, Matt’s cologne, and coffee. He’s SO my child, having a “scent” for Sunday morning! Saturday mornings also have a scent, he says: dad cooking his nasty famous breakfast for himself. It involves peppers, eggs, any kind of meat, and onions.


Bennett: “Mom, could Jesus’ wife, like, call out things?”
Me: “Do you mean Mary, Jesus’ mom?”
B: “Yeah, his mom. Could she call out things?”
Me: “Like what do you mean? Like that she could say something and it would just happen?”
B: “Yeah, like could she say ‘There should be a house there’ and it would happen, or is that just Jesus?”
Me: “Just Jesus and God. And while they COULD do what you just said, I don’t know if that’s ever happened…”


Bennett repeatedly hugged me after his first day back to school after our week-long illness. I asked him, “Are you just worn out from going back to school today?”

He said, “No, I just have to hug you so much because you took me back to school and I’m so glad. I’m going to stay like this for all my life.”


Luke was talking about things he’s afraid of (namely, tornadoes, and really, who isn’t?).

Bennett said, “Luke, c’mon. You aren’t afraid of anything. You’re SIX!”


Bennett fell out of a little rocking chair and hit the floor chin first. He had a loud reaction to this, of course, but as soon as he calmed down, he said, “It feels like my chin has a headache!”

6 responses to “Out of the Mouths of Babes, Part 18

  1. LOL!! I LOVE these!

  2. i wish we had trockable sno here so i could see if it trocks. that is precious.

  3. – I love that Bennett calls JH “buddy”. So stinkin’ cute!
    – I’d love to have a conversation with B. He’s just always thinking. Why are people called humans????
    – These are all so funny! It won’t be long until you get to add JH’s contributions to the list. 🙂

  4. This is HILARIOUS! Bless Bennett for just appreciating the feeling of being WELL!

  5. I was thinking like Jan–it won’t be long til Jack Henry will be adding to your “out of the mouths . . .” blogs!

    I don’t think my kids THOUGHT as funny as yours do! Each of these snippets is cuter than the last. The “it smells like Sunday morning in here” is just TOO MUCH!!

  6. I love Bennett’s association of smells with Sunday mornings – I do the same thing!
    your kids are funny – and you have a good memory to remeber all the great things they say! 🙂

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