Because I’m So Prompt

Remember back in June when I posted about several areas of my house that I wanted to get organized? So I posted pictures of the areas and stuff to motivate me to actually get them cleaned up?


Well, I am embarrassed happy to report that a mere 4.5 months later, I’m finished with that little list I created, and I think that we can all agree that posting it for the world to see was, indeed, very motivating (eyeroll). I immediately went to work on a couple of the easier-to-tackle areas, so they aren’t quite as neat and clean as when I started this project, but they are better than before. Believe me, I have another list of longer-term projects started, but here are a few after pictures of cleaned up areas!

store room after

this room was the first one i organized back in june; it's now a little fuller and messier, but not much.

xmas storage

ok, compared the "before" pic, these shelves are fuller! explanation: tons of stuff just laying around the basement was moved into boxes, etc on the shelves. also, everything top right is christmas gifts...the xxx is over someone's gift that kinda showed through the bag in the picture!

photo albums

remember that huge bag full of pictures that needed to go in albums? well, i printed at least that many more, and now my albums are current through the end of august. this is progress. jack henry gets album D and album F out at least twice a day. not sure why those are his favorites; his pictures aren't in those!

I am also happy to report that I threw away 3 large garbage bags of trash, donated another 4 large bags of treasures, and have all of this piled up for a garage sale in the spring:

garage sale pile


6 responses to “Because I’m So Prompt

  1. This makes me feel almost as inadequate as hearing people say they’ve got 1/2 (or more) of their Christmas shopping done! I’ve come to believe there’s a gene for this kind of thing, and I didn’t get it. That’s my story . . .

    Anyway, it looks quite impressive. The fact that you think you’ve been SLOW in getting it done since June is also amazing to me.

    I love the XXX over the gift!!! What a hoot.

  2. looks great!
    i made myself a list last month of deep cleaning/organizing/repainting/etc that needs to be done in each room. this month is the family room. i should probably get started, huh?

  3. I can’t talk about getting organzied until after my spring clean-me-out-of-baby-gear garage sale. Plus, you have motivation of possibly having the pack EVERYTHING up out of your house soon. Yikes.

  4. Love the idea to label your albums alphabetically! I might have to borrow that one…

  5. I love the idea for the photo albums too! I was just thinking the other day that we have YEARS of pictures on the computer and I have never printed the majority of them. I’m no scrapbooker (short attention span) so my poor babies just get slideshows of their pictures while the computer is “sleeping”. But the idea of printing them and sticking them in albums and labeling like that is super smart! Thanks for the idea!

  6. I’m soo impressed! I totally need to get my albums under control. I think last I left off I only had 3 kids. Now my fourth is 5!!!!

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