Meeting PW!

Last night was the first time I’ve ever attended a book signing, and honestly, it’s the first time I’ve ever WANTED to attend a book signing.

When Kelli emailed me several weeks ago asking if I wanted to go see The Pioneer Woman aka Ree Drummond when she came to STL, I was immediately in (and, had I seen the posting on her website first, I’d have done the emailing!). Nevermind that I had to rearrange my kids’ dentists appointments AND get a sitter because Matt wasn’t going to be home last night. Done and done – kids go to the dentist next week, and my brother Zach came and watched my boys for me, even though I’m pretty sure he thinks I’m a dork.

We got to Christ Church Cathedral, a beautiful old Episcopalian church in the city, at least an hour before the signing was set to begin. I’d guess that we were within the first 100 people there. Kelli and I were joined by two people: our friend, Bethany; and Kelli’s infant daughter, Paisley, who was there as a prop to get attention if I’m being totally honest, since we know that Ree loves babies (no shame in our game).

Ree started the evening with about a 45 minute Q-and-A that included her famous Ethel Merman impression and lots of talk about recipes and life on the ranch. She was exactly how I hoped and expected her to be: warm and funny, and genuine. Like someone you’d love to just sit and have a drink or dinner with! And she was even skinnier than she looks on her website, so I need the secret to staying that way while also apparently eating what she cooks…

Now, I have a horrible camera, but here are a few pictures from last night. The last picture is one that was on Kelli’s camera, since I had my eyes closed in the one on my camera, of course.

isn't she adorable? and a clone of her big sister elle?

she looks a little freaked out, but she was SO good all night.

a sweet girl named julie who was sitting in front of us took our picture...turns out, she reads kelli's blog! later in the evening we met another girl, hannah, who recognized both us from our blogs!

there she is - the pioneer woman!

this was totally cracking me up...her little boys were there, and unbeknownst to her or marlboro man, her husband, they went up into that little balcony thing...the whole crowd was cracking up!

it's hard to see, but her littlest guy started to throw his leg over the side before mom and dad stopped him!

whew! after a LONG wait, we finally got to meet her and get our books signed. i can't wait to try some of the new recipes!

Bethany, Kelli & Paisley, Ree, Me

12 responses to “Meeting PW!

  1. So did bringing along Paisley work? You kind of left me hanging there….. 🙂

    • we did get a nice photo op with her! and, we’ll have to see if we made her blog when she posts about her STL visit…i’ll link here when she gets the post up.

  2. fun! let us know how the pw’s recipes are. i could use a new cookbook (and esp. one w/ lots of pictures).

  3. So, so cool–can’t believe you got your pic taken w/ her! I don’t get it either–how she stays so thin w/ all that rich food she makes & eats!! Will have to hear some of the details of her speech when I see you.

  4. What a great picture! You girls are so blog famous! I love that some of your fans met you, too. 🙂

    P.S.–Did the Pioneer Woman happen to mention if her BIL was still single? 😉

  5. what fun times! and your famous! people recognizing for your blogs…

  6. This is awesome 🙂 🙂

  7. Looks like a fu time. If I had known who she was I would’ve wanted to come. But you guys have me convinced that I need to add her to my blogroll. Like I need one more blog to read!

  8. So jealous! I am obsessed with her blog.

  9. Commenting!! It was fun to see you at the signing (and to introduce you to Ree as my blog friends, hehe). I read the entire cookbook last night… those mashed potatoes are showing up on our Thanksgiving table, for sure (well, with less butter, anyway).

    • Hi Hannah! Good to see you on the comments! 🙂

      I’ve only flipped through the cookbook so far. I can’t believe you’ve already read the whole thing! I can’t wait to start trying out some of the new recipes.

      Hope to see you again sometime!

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